Zinnysworld : Excellent Customer Care and Prompt Delivery.

Hello good day, can you tell us about yourself?

Zinnysworld: My name is Cynthia Ezinne Ohaeri, I’m a fashion enthusiast and Entrepreneur. I am a Nigerian. My Fashion Brand is zinnysworld where I sell fashion wares, offer professional wardrobe and in-person styling services to meet the fashion needs of my clients.

Great! If I may ask, when did you discover your enthusiasm for fashion?

Zinnysworld: For as long as I can remember, right from my childhood days, I loved playing “dress up”. Try out my hands at colour matching and styling different outfit in my closet. I always loved shoes. I guess I can safely say my enthusiasm for fashion has been there since forever. 😂

How where you able to bring this enthusiasm into an entity for profit making?

Zinnysworld: Well, having my own money has always been something that comes naturally to me. Right from an early age, I started my petty trade in my mom’s supermarket. So early enough in my teenage years I knew I had to maximize my potential by turning my passion into a source of revenue. Started from my closest acquaintances. Everyone knew I was the go-to girl for fashion tips so when I started marketing my wares and products, it was convenient enough for them buying based on that trust. Now we’re a commercial entity, catering to the fashion needs of lots of clients both new and existing.

What do you think is the challenge for fashion entrepreneurs?

Zinnysworld: Wow, There’s a lot. But basically knowing the fashion needs of your target audience and niche. However one wants to spin it, that’s the very foundation of a prosperous career in the fashion world. Keeping up with the trends and ever evolving world of fashion to match your customers needs.

Is your brand an offline business or an online run business?

Zinnysworld: Both offline and online. Our sales platforms are available offline. Online our sales platforms are :
@zinnysworld on Instagram
@zinnysworld on facebook
@zinnysworld_ on Twitter and are available Nationwide as well as outside Nigeria.

But our wardrobe and In-person styling services are mostly one-on-one.

I believed running a business online comes with challenges, how have you been able to overcome them?

Zinnysworld: Yes just like every day to day offline business, an online business has its major challenges. Mostly as a small and medium scale startup, there’s the problem of trust from new and prospective clients. But from experience , I have realized that consistency and having a relatable brand goes a long way to grow trust and foster patronage

So what makes Zinnysworld a preferred choice to other existing competition?

Zinnysworld: Lol, Definitely the fashion world is a very vast market, and the sky is big enough to take us all. Mostly I believe in collaboration as opposed to competition. But most of our key strengths and endearing features at ZINNYSWORLD include:

1) Customer friendliness : Our motto is “shop like royalty @zinnysworld”

2) Excellent Customer Service

3) Prompt and Excellent Delivery

4) Follow up on all products & services rendered. We take customer reviews and complaints seriously to improve and serve them better.

And most importantly we make our customers feel safe shopping with us both offline and online.

What would be your advise for someone who is about going into your line of business?

Zinnysworld: Simply stay true to yourself. Your passion should be enough drive to keep you happy. Then the rewards will flow in abundance.

Thank very much, we must say we are privilege to have you.

Zinnysworld: Thanks. My pleasure. Thanks for the audience.

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