Igbo, weed, narcotics, marijuana,cocaine, and shisha – if you don’t take them you can never blow in this industry.

You need to do drugs to blow. Yes i said it.
Na me talk am – Chimefrancis now dey tell you say if you no take drugs you no go fit blow.

You need your health to be in good conditions at all times as a creative person.

If i didn’t learn anything at Royal Arts Academy, I learnt that your body is the greatest tool as a creative.

Don’t kill yourself because you want to achieve greatness and you allow your body deteriorate.
Do drugs when you are down with sickness even as little as a slight headache.

Take it serious.

No one does more brain work than a creative, even person wey dey carry block for head no reach. So your health is bound to fail you from time to time so always take care of you.

Eat healthy, drink water, exercise, rest, and take treats from time to time.

For you wey dey smoke igbo and shisha – continue. lol

Oversabi will not kill many of us o with our “it will go on its own” mentality in Jesus Mighty Name WE pray.

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