You like these faces you see?

And now you want to become a great in Comedy.

My advice to you who wants to hop on the train of comedy is;

  1. Know why you are coming into the game – My own reason is to be happy and also try and correct societal ills we face today by using the microphone.
  2. Be ready to write your own jokes and not a Farmer Of People’s Material – It took me 6 months of ASUU strike in 2013 to understand what joke writing was and to write my joke.
  3. Study the greats. – I watched comedy contents to stupor. I still immerse myself in them.
  4. When the idea comes, execute! – Don’t wait until you blow before you do that one man special. – I did my first one man show in 2016 just two years into comedy. Went on to do four more. I have the experience now and I am not pressured anymore.
  5. Be You – Everyone who knows me will easily tell you ‘Ah, chime? His jokes are always clean and classy. You can bring him to church or club. He will deliver’. Know thy self.

I can’t wait to bring my next special which is yet to be untitled to you on Social Media.


PS: Where is My Trevor Noah?

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