WILD: written by Anochili Catherine

This isn’t what I bargained for.
We said we should be friends.
No, you said we should be friends.
But I think of your hands around my waist.
I need you, I need every freaking piece of you.

I want to drink you in like oxygen…
Baby I’m a house on fire, and I wanna keep burning.
Sia’s lyrics describe how you make me feel perfectly.
When your eyes are on me, there’s a spark.
When you talk to me, say those things to me, there’s a flicker.
When you smile, when you laugh, the sparks come again.
When you hug me, oh just one hug, I’m ignited.
This feels so good…

When you touch me..
Take your fingers lightly over my body, there’s an explosion!
When you kiss me…
Gosh even the simplest brush of lips, there’s a volcanic eruption!
Cos like Jon Bellion said, I found nature in your lips.

Minutes of wanting your lips on mine.
Hours of wanting a tiny contact.
Days of dreaming and floating in your Galaxy.
I finally get it.
I take you in, sip by sip…savoring every taste.
Living in the moment, running wild for you, just for you.

Then all of a sudden, the high mountain we both climbed crumbles under our feet.
Cos all you do is take.
Take my mind apart, set my body on fire
Squeeze out every drop of love I have in my heart.
Leave me scorched.
Till the next time you feel like having that sensation again.
And it’s funny, cos I’m ready to drink you in again.
What am i? An idiot or a hopeless romantic?
I know I won’t be here forever.
And I can’t wait for the day I won’t need you anymore.
Mi amor💔


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