WATER, the new single release by the afro conscious star MB Ozurumba AKA weird_mb is one of his conscious awakening vibes, a song which implores youths to take worthy risks and follow their dreams, touching on the importance of support and collaborations.

Also importantly reminding Africans of the beauty and glory of their melanin skin, which should be cherished and adored, doing away with inferiority complex. 

And as a strong supporter of the black woman emancipation from cultural/religious/societal bonds, and feminine freedom in general, he talked about his love and respect for the black woman, reminding her of her Goddess power. 

MB took a complex piece of work and made it so simple.

This is a perfect piece for every woke conscious being, and those on their journey of awakening.

Listen, Like and Share, as everyone has a role to play in awakening Africa from centuries of brainwash and lies. . Go ahead and spread the word.”Pour me your water, cool my temper, but don’t let your water quench my fire”SHALOM!


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