Aside been the comedian you know.

I direct film.

I write screenplays too.

Most part of 2019 and 2020,
I have written juicy short film screenplays.

Some have been shot.

Some yet to be shot.

I still hope to be like @mide.akinlaja when it comes to writing peculiar works though.

Every screenplay I have written till date have touched a particular ill in the society.

BURDEN & JUST-HISS (Justice) – Directed by my brother @samuelmoeteke talked about rising suicide cases amongst men and also jungle justice practices in Nigeria.

ONE KNIGHT STAND talks about rape.

FR. VINICUIS highlights on Boy Child Molestation.

AGATHA talks on the effect of social media on the human side of creatives.

BEADS OF AFRICA is a docu-film that breaks down the African Beads myth and different culture responses to it.

FOR PRESIDENT 2 is a school film on Student Politics.

Aside all these, my first Feature Length Screenplay is not yet written.

But why do I write and what kind of Screenplay’s do i wish to write?

I want to be the creative that pin points numerous issues while entertaining.

Creatives should grow to this point where they become agents for change in our dabbling world.

Tell your story.
Send your message.

This is the time not to be like others.
Be different.

Well, these screenplays will not shoot themselves.

Wish to sponsor any of the projects.
Please kindly DM me. | IG & Twitter: @chimefrancis__ / @chimefrancis1
Let’s shoot for YOUTUBE (since this is the only platform where you won’t have to dance from one head’s table to another)

Please tag someone to be inspired.

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