Who exactly is Sked ”dasinga” ?

CHIMEFRANCIS: Good day, to the man we have known to love music so much than another human on earth. But guess what? He loves a cold Pepsi drink more. So can you tell us about your self. Our readers will love to know you.

Sked: Lol…About that Pepsi thing!, I should get an endorsement from them like soon. Anyways, I’m Uche Praise, first of four children, I hail from Delta state (Delta Igbo precisely), I’m a singer, songwriter and budding Audio Engineer, oh and yeah, I’m a graduate of mechanical Engineering of University Of Nigeria, Nsukka. That’s pretty much it.

CHIMEFRANCIS: He failed to tell us, he plays close to five instruments, anyways how did music begin for you?

Sked: Lol…..Yes I play a couple of instruments.

CHIMEFRANCIS: How did music begin for you?

Sked: Well, I’m about to go cliche on you guys but nope….lol
Music started for me since when I was able to say “mummy”, I was born into a “churchy” home so I was always close to musical instruments and a lot of singing, I started playing instruments when I was about 10, I was a gentle man. lol…,And well, I started singing too at about say 3 or 4years old, I was also in a couple of church children singing groups and when I grew older too, some bands. But music for me went commercial in 2017 when I dropped my debut single “ogbeni”.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So after discovering yourself, what were the next steps you took?

Sked: Like I said earlier, once I dropped Ogbeni and got positive reviews, I was driven to drop another titled “shey” so basically, what I’m trying to say is, my next step was putting more body of work out there and really following music up professionally indeed.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So what is the inspiration behind your name ‘xked’ turned ‘sked’?

Sked: Lol….About time, okay so growing up, I was really scared about a lot of things, failure being there first, outcomes, rejection, you know!, a long list, and funnily as they say, what you think affects how you live, it did affect me a whole lot so I hardly even got on stage or showed my talent at some point, so the name Sked came from me saying “i’m not running away from my fears again, you know what! It’s alright to fail, what matters is if you stand back up plus if you keep running from your fears, they’ll keep chasing you.
So sked is a reminder for me that shows how far I’ve come from facing my fears, by then way, SKED means Still Kinging Each Day, XKED came when I discovered that a Foreign band was bearing that name SKED, I wasn’t ready to share market…. Lol, but eventually I changed it back to Sked which Was the initial idea when I started out thinking of a stage name, they’ll only difference now is for uniqueness sake, it became “Sked Dasinga”

CHIMEFRANCIS: Since starting out professionally, what challenges have you faced?

Sked: Oh my God, finance, do you guys even know how much it costs to do Music so you’ll stand out asides talent?, a fortune
So yeah finance.

CHIMEFRANCIS: How have you been able to go about the challenge of financing?

Sked: Well, get a paying job to run the not yet paying job… Lol.
Also there’s been financing from some fans and friends at some point which I’ll always be appreciative of.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So what is your thought process when it comes to song writing, how do you know a good beat, and what are your choice kind of producer?

Sked: Well, song writing for me comes naturally, I’m really old fashioned, I write down with a pen and paper, I’m not exactly a freestyle person most times, lyrics have to make sense to me, Stories should be told and coherent from intro to them outro, plus I try to connect with my emotions and the things I feel for real
A good beat for me is one that I can vibe with, I really can’t explain it, when I hear one, I just know, for choice of producers, I work with producers that do predominantly my genre or just any good producer though.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So tell us about your music genre and why you picked it?

Sked: My genre simply put, is World Music, if you decide to stream it down, you might find me doing Afro-fusion or pure Afrobeats or Afrobeat, all in all, I’m a singer and I don’t want to be boxed by genre.
I don’t think I picked it… Lol, the Music picked me.

CHIMEFRANCIS: The music picked him, what will you advise to those coming after you?

Sked: Lol… Well, music in Nigeria is tough but if you don’t relent, someday, just someday, you’ll be in the spotlight you deserve and your voice would be heard finally, I’m still up and coming so I believe in this too, plus hard work beats talent any day if talent doesn’t work hard.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Are there any future works planned out?

Sked: Yes yes, most certainly, a single next, 2 EP(s) and an album.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Wow, yet to be titled?

Sked: Well, titled already but we like anticipation, don’t we?… Lol.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So what else would you love our readers to know about your brand? Now and in future?

Sked: Okay, first off, this is just the start for Sked, it gets better, so beautiful stuffs coming, the future is unfolding, collaborations, maybe a record deal, maybe not, endorsements, but all in all, Sked would still be giving out good Music and Sked has come to stay and would be here for a long long time.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Thank you for giving us the privilege to speak with you. We are grateful.

Sked: I am absolutely honoured, thank you.

CHIMEFRANCIS: How can our readers reach out to you?

Sked: I’m @skedofficial on instagram and twitter and Uche praise on facebook. Another way is checking my songs out on Audiomack and sound cloud…..lol.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Aiit. Thank you very much.

Sked: Thanks mehn

CHIMEFRANCIS: Who are those that influence your music?

Sked: That should be MJ, Whitney Houston, boyz 11 men, lucky dube, Lagbaja, kizz Daniel, simi, Adekunle gold, it’s a list… Lol , I get influenced differently by different great singers.



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