What You Can Take Home From The African Giant – Burna Boy

What you can take home from the African Giant

The entire African continent went agog as news made rounds that our favourite African Giant has been nominated for the Grammy awards scheduled to hold next year in the world music album of the year category.

We all went into frenzy and congratulatory messages sprinkled all around social media from the fans, to media outfits, and fellow industry big weights.

A larger population of the African continent were in love with the breaking news and they all received it well.

But, what can we take home from the African Giants story so far.

A journey that has spanned over a decade and is worth talking about.

  1. The African Giant stuck To His Root.

The African giant believes so much in Africa and his African-ness. This he made known when he proclaimed himself as an AFRICAN GIANT after calling out the organizers of Coachella for putting down his name in tiny fonts which were not visible enough for him and everyone had to pick a side on which view to follow,the view on if he was allowing fame get into his head or if he was actually fighting for the future of fellow African acts to be give proper respect and recognition.

Many of us were not used to the activism side of the African giant till he came out of a self imposed stay away from social media to take over his social media which was at that time handled by his management to chip in his bit about the xenophobic attacks meted out towards Nigerians in South Africa.

He was very blunt about his views which caused rifts among fellow colleagues and ruptured the entire social media space. He stood for his people and there and then we believed the African giant had the backs of his people.

He has shown that he sticks with what he believes in and he believes in a greater African Continent.

As a young act coming from no Man’s land, I urge you to believe in something because a saying goes thus – if you don’t believe in something, you will fall for anything.

  1. The African Giant Stuck With His Day Ones In Peace And Harmony.

A larger part of the African Giants Career wasn’t publicize well according to most fans. They believed that he and his music had bad PR, ranging from poor media team to issues surrounding his personality.

He overcame every criticism because he stuck with his day ones, especially his mother who has been pivotal in his career and also his peaceful and ever accessible nature towards his fellow industry colleagues.

It was like the universe heard his call and said be patient, with time and egg will walk.

The African Giant year came and he has maximized it properly.

Stick with your day ones who mean you well and wait for the universe to hear your call.

  1. The African Giant Had A Sound And Protected It At All cost.

We all love him because he protected his sound, he made his sound his baby and never deviated or bent the knee for another.

The African Giant always sticks with his Afro beats and its melodious fusion even when he is featured in a track of a different genre.

He knew who he was and towed that path at all cost, creating vibes that rocked our ear drums, and well written lyrics that will stand the test of time.

He was made for afro beats
He loves Africa
He is African.

He is the Africa Giant.

In all you do as a creative, make sure you stick to your roots, stick to your day ones, and stick to your sound.


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