TRAIN – Written By Nwagbara Vivian Chisom



I am here seated quietly, staring at the bulb attached to the lamp holder beautifully hung on the ceiling, and wondering why my life can’t be this perfect.

Then I hear a crack sound, it was from the portrait, the one I made for you on your 24th birthday.

It is the remains of the last piece of glass holding it.

Adara and I have been friends for years, she happens to be the only daughter of the Oyedun’s , need I add that she is exceptionally gorgeous and intelligent.

She has a beautiful soul and a charming smile, we have only had this relationship for 4 months when she was transferred to Onne to act as the Port Manager following the demise of Mr. Akpan.

I was doing perfectly well as the Tech personnel in Horizon Digitals, one of the biggest digital firms in Ikoyi, Lagos.

At exactly 6:15 am, Kabiru the Uber guy was already in front of our apartment, “ready to go?” was the first thing that came out of my mouth when I heard the sound of the horn, Adara had misty eyes as she said farewell.

I was trying to be brave but my emotions taunted me.

I smiled,then hugged her. it was so intense that I could feel her heart beat.

I looked her in the eye and told her “go get this done” she wiped her tears, chuckled and gave me a light peck on my forehead.

I couldn’t see her off to the airport as I had a presentation to make and finally seal the deal of our multi-million project.

I got home late that night very exhausted and hungry, Lagos is synonymous to traffic.

It was then it dawned on me that my girl had left and I had to look for energy to do the needful.

With the little ketone left in my body I made Pasta and used the sauce left in the freezer, had my bath and boom I slept off.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, I couldn’t help it anymore it felt like my world was crumbling.

I took the next available flight and in an hour I was at Onne with ‘fine girl’ yea, that’s what I call her.

We went to Choba had a plate of ice-cream and it felt like the good old days; my spirit was lifted and I could feel my shattered heart smiling one more time.

We finally left for her apartment and it was well furnished; my girl has taste for good furniture, lovely art works and the one thing that dragged my attention was her curtain, it was simply beautiful.

I can’t place the color it was a mix of fuschian blue and some floral pattern. She also had this so not big garden but it had very lovely flowers therin. Her kitchen was to die for, in fact the house as a whole.

I finally got into her bedroom which was neatly arranged but there was something awkwardly strange about her room but I was overwhelmed to notice it, I just unpacked my bag reached out for a towel had a warm bath.

Upon reaching the living room dinner had been served, we were having plantain pottage garnished with enough fish and vegetables and tiger nut juice.

We ate, had little chit chats since we both had exhausting day we slept quite early.

The next morning, we had our devotion, did sanitation together , we were at the verge of making breakfast when Osareme knocked and he was warmly welcomed.

Osareme had been friends with Adara since our days in Ekpoma but the one surprising thing about their friendship was that they always fell out.

The last straw that broke the Camel’s back was when Osareme had a problem with my girl and invited the police ; fine girl was detained for some days it was so bad, let me save you the gory details.

I was amazed and I stuttered a bit while speaking with him “guy, howfar, When you reach Onne?” was all I could mutter coherently. He smiled in an annoying manner and said “I don dey town tey tey”. Immediately I left for the living room.

I was confused, suddenly I heard giggling from the kitchen, I programmed my mind to not listen and act numb towards the whole scenario and in 40mins breakfast was served, this was the most vital part, FOOD, a wise man once said “food makes everything bright and beautiful”, we all ate.

Three days into my visit I noticed Osas was always frequenting ‘our’ room, patience was no longer on my side so I asked fine girl his deal with the apartment.

She gave a random flimsy excuse of him working at the port as well. His regular visit was becoming unbearable I had to remind her about the past and how things usually do not play out well with them and she gave me a cold reply saying “to err is human and to forgive is divine”.

I was still trying to understand where the quote was coming from when she said “I’ve chosen to love Osareme , I can’t get rid of him no matter how much I tried. He has become a big part of me and this time there’s no turning back, I hope you understand all I have said”. It was then I realized that I’ve been building castles on air and that the train also left a long time, and like your name says ADARA, it shall be well with me.

I lost my mind instantly and raced towards the portrait, smashed it.

Then I sat helplessly staring at the ceiling before I heard the last crack from the glass.



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