Nick Zoe, laid helpless on the bare floor soaked in a pool of his own blood while staring at JJ who could hardly breathe.

It is pretty difficult to even understand what was wrong with himself. JJ was dumbfounded, her voice and breathe failed her. She stood transfixed until…

…she bends on the floor where Nick Zoe lay in the pool of his own blood as tears streamed down her face “They’re not going to let us go my love. I don’t want to lose you, I can’t lose you.” She cries bitterly. She put her hands on the gunshot wound trying to stem the blood flow.

The leader of Al Nasri ,Amir El McCauley lay at the far corner covered in a rubble of dust with the stench of blood from others filtering into his nose as he slowly came to full consciousness.

It was climax. The only thing on the mind of Nick Zoe was how to penetrate through the high men of the All Nasri terrorist camp and escape with the love of his life.
Zoe lifts JJ up as they mustered courage, slipped through the first wave of enemies like a rosary through fingers.
Nick Zoe had been a very good mask man – his training at the secret service paid off. But the more he kept fighting, the less his sight was effective. Unfortunately, his love wasn’t as good as he was-they were not Mr and Mrs Smith…

He had known JJ since they were little kids. He knew he loved her more than life itself and didn’t want anything to happen to her. He was going to sacrifice himself to the terrorists if it means she’ll be saved. Hand in hand, fleeing from the first guards stationed at the iron gates, they ran, panting furiously until they came to the second iron post.

Amir on getting up sees a flurry of activity on the ground floor and some of his men dead and a good number wincing and groaning in excruciating agony,he couldn’t believe a bloody Civilian was outsmarting highly trained terrorists.

Behold as he looked further he saw the couple attempting to flee.
“NOT ON MY WATCH” he screamed as he picked up an RPG.

Nick and JJ are running through the basement, they see one of the men of Al nasir standing lackadaisical.
He charges towards him.
The All nasir man feels a metal behind his back.
”If you make a move I will shoot you”, Nick Zoe said.
”Please don’t kill me”, the man said.
There was a sound, a ringtone. Nick Zoe was pressing an iphone on his back. The man noticed and dived Nick Zoe to the ground as JJ went into hiding to be safe.

Nick Zoe’s iphone rolled into the bush like dice on a ludo board. There was a brief scuffle as Zoe dug his fist into the man’s tummy. The man let out a loud yelp as he immediate stood up and regain balance. They were both standing, looking intensely at each other, thinking how best to be victorious. Each of them scarcely lost their concentration. JJ ducked under a tree, watching the whole scenario like a horror movie.

Nick Zoe looks down during the scuffle and notices the gun that fell when the man drove him to the floor but he couldn’t reach it. The gun is closer to JJ. She’s scared but still doesn’t want any harm to come to Nick Joe, she loved him! Still scared, she comes out of hiding and picks the gun from the floor. The man was on top of Nick and was giving him blows on every part of his body. Remembering how her late father taught her how to shoot, she points the gun to the man on top of Nick and pulls the trigger. Once…twice. He slumps on the floor as she runs to Nick.

Amir strength failed him on trying to launch the Rocket propelled grenade(RPG),he realized he had been bleeding all the while and the adrenaline rush failed him.
He fell back to the pile of dust watching as JJ helped Zoe decimate the last of his men .
His last words as he died were “Fuck Donald trump”

With resurgent energy from the deep kiss JJ planted on Nicks’s swollen lips.

Nick grabbed the bloodied gun beside him and charged towards the weak and fallen Amir.

He plants the nozzle of the gun on his balls and blast it into oblivion as we see millions of Amir’s future sky rocket into thin air.

Few weeks later, in the Maldives.

JJ and Nick are in their personal cottage.
She is sucking the life out of Nick’s palliative
In between red candles surrounding the huge master bed
There is a huge bang on there door
We see Amir wrapped around with POP’s
Nick turns and looks at him.
”You no dey tire?…you Still never die?”



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