The Review On Kaseklozd’S RUBY VALENTINO EP

Reuben Empere who hails from the south-south region of Nigeria, Bayelsa to be precise was born and raised in Lagos state. The final year student of the department of Mass Communication,University Of Nigeria, Nsukka is a recording artiste who is currently signed under the Drecos entertainment music label.
He grew up amongst music lovers and in 2017 he got to record his first song titled ‘BABY GIRL’ which he featured fellow label mate Shaggyblaq.
After the success of his debut song, he released ‘YOU DUNNO’, a hip hop song which spoke about hustling.
Then he went on to release another hit jam titled ‘FUMIGATE’ which was produced by popular beat maker ‘KUKBEATZ’.
This has been the journey for kaseklozd till this historical moment where he decides to go all out to do an Extended Playlist with the best producers out there in the musical industry. The likes of Kemena, kukbeatz, Bandookeys, Boy D, Sxcksound, and Jakay Jason.
kaseklozd RUBY VALENTINO EP is a movie.
For the fact that he decided to go solo made it magical, acccording to him he said, ‘I am trying to give people more of kaseklozd, like more of me’.
In RUBY VALENTINO, kaseklozd actually gave us more of him but we do know that he can improve and give us better. Ruby Valentino is a love themed EP, and Kaseklozd did justice to romance and kept us in the mood all through.
The Extended Playlist contained six tracks, namely;

In the song TOO LONG , Kaseklozd is crazy about this girl that has been on his mind for too long, he keeps asking for explanations, he gets to the point he promises to sing for her. He keeps reminding her that other guys just want to lie to her and use her.
The sound production for TOO LONG was a smooth job I must say, the producer BOY D and the magic fingers of the MUSICMAKER also known as KEMENA did everything for me on this joint.
TOO LONG is a 7/10 for me.
For me Kaseklozd should have made us feel his craziness for this girl in his voice. It would have been a plus for this song in particular.

JANGO, made me remember how boys usually complain to themselves how a girl with all the features they desire refuses to see their own side of the story.

JANGO’s beat alongside its Mixing and Mastering is near perfect. Bandookeys did great justice to this song which led us to feel how romantic Kaseklozd can sound.
kaseklozd would choose to be a slave for this girl, he is promising to fight for her, he is begging for her love and many of us can relate to this song today because a lot of us are begging for someones love.
JANGO is an 8/10 rating for me.

In FUMIGATE, Kaseklozd hooked up with top producer KUKBEATZ on this joint and magic was made.
kaseklozd is the guy who is complaining. In this song he reminisces on how things used to go well between him and this girl in particular. Here he comes to terms with himself saying he won’t be a sufferhead. He also lets her know that anytime he is with her, that it is a vibe and what she is doing at the moment is not fair.
Not forgetting that KUKBEATZ voice as additional vocals on this song was the little spice that gave the song a general good taste.
kaseklozd did great on Reggae.
It is another 8/10 rating for me.

YESTERDAY, could make you cry if you are currently having issues in your relationship or you just left one were there was no fight or quarrels but you both had to break up for inevitable reasons.
Kaseklozd is heartbroken here, he hasn’t felt love this way like it is a first time and his hearthrob hasn’t picked his calls since yesterday. He wants to know what is up with her and why she is acting up.
There was no other beat that would have fit Kaseklozd giving us a sad song than the one Jakay Jason produced. It was really in sync with Kaseklozd voice,credit to Sxck Sound mixing and mastering.
There was additional vocals by Believe which balances the mood of the tune.
it is a 7/10 rating from my own perspective.

Here in the song, ANYTHING, we see an angry Kaseklozd who doesn’t care anymore about what his girl does. He even goes ahead to tell her she could do anything she likes, that anything she does is fine by him , and in pidgin he says, ‘No be you go con kill my vibes’.
Many of us have gotten to this point in our love life, and it is really a break point for many.
It is a 7/10 rating for me.
ANYTHING was produced by BOY D and trust me this is a jam.

FAMOUS, is it a coincidence that the last song on the tracklist is my favourite song from RUBY VALETINO? Or was someone following the saying, ‘Save the best for last’?
FAMOUS is definitely the best track on the EP for me. It sums up the entire idea of RUBY VALENTINO.
Here Kaseklozd has gone past all the troubles he has faced in his relationship and he has now come to terms to his main life focus which for him is getting famous. Here he makes us know that some relationships can be toxic and may go on to hamper our long life dreams.
He keeps asking her why she believed the lies she heard about him out there. He also goes on to say he would had made it with or without her, but he wished she would have waited.
My rating for FAMOUS is a 9/10.

Another solid work from BOY D Producer.
kaseklozd is one of the finest growing artiste out there. Despite the fact his RUBY VALENTINO EP is near perfect, we believe there is still room for improvement and also we know he can add more maturity to his voice. kaseklozd should now leave his youthful nature and step up to be the man he actually is.

Do well to download the EP here and share to everyone who loves good music.

My name is ChimeFrancis, thank you for reading my review on RUBY VALENTINO EP.

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