THE LAGOS ARTISTE: What To Learn From Them

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Music in Lagos,

If my statistics aren’t over board, there should be over a million young artiste roaming the streets of the most populated city in Nigeria – Lagos.

Every weekend, these young minds seek the centre stages of different events happening all over the state, I want to believe you know why Lagos is called the Hub of Entertainment in Africa.

All of them filled with hopes and visions of how they want to break out and be amongst the stars and perform hit songs in front of thousands of loyal fans.

This is the Lagos dream of the Lagos Artiste.

FRANK D Performing On Stage

What are the Lagos artistes doing right that you should try to emulate?


The packaging in this Lagos state is solid to be very honest.
Young underground artiste dress like the stars already. They put on the best brands and the costly chains that if they seek help from you, you might refuse thinking they are already doing well in life.
They look the part of a successful act.
They package their brand properly to a very large extent.
People will accept your looks before your music to be very honest.
Always appear responsible even if you aren’t.
Follow accepted morals it helps them accept you faster.
You like to drink & smoke always? Please do it in private as long as your craft is involved.
Stay away from illegal drugs.


The average Lagos artiste believes he or she needs to be seen. By so doing they put themselves out there all the time. They plead to be mentioned in bills and e-flier designs, they are at the back stage of every event begging event promoters to give them a few minutes to shut down the stage – words they mostly use, they don’t joke with promoting themselves because they know that, that is all they got at the underground stage. You must take promotion very seriously like them.


Listening to these guys perform their songs in events I have watched underground artiste perform, I must say they have done very well when it comes to their sound/beat production.
They spend so well in that aspect which I admire a lot.
Notwithstanding, in most cases they don’t live up to the beat producers effort and fail to deliver the goods with it.
Their sounds are always top notch.

These three phases are areas where growing acts must take seriously to thrive.

You have to look good first because a regular saying goes thus, ‘The way you dress, is how you will be addressed’

Your promotion needs to very tight and consistent. Promote yourself always and also invest in Promotion – you can reach out to at 08079745384 for affordable promo rates for as low as 5k per song upload.
Promote you, your song, and your brands at all times.

Find you a good song producer and mix/mastering engineer. This part of being a musical artiste you can’t play with it.
Don’t jump on every beat, be selective and pick beats that resonates with your sound.

Be deliberate about all you do and see yourself and your act grow uncontrollably.

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