Hello Good day, tell us about yourself.

Winnar: Good day, I am Winner Onyebuchi Emeka, I am from Obosi, Anambra state. I am an undergraduate studying theatre and film studies In the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

How did it all start for you as an entertainer?

 Winnar: Omo it all started like play. I have always been drawn to music right from my childhood. If I wasn’t singing to the boys then, I’m writing the lyrics down and trying to learn the songs to sing well to my classmates in school. I started writing my own songs in SS2, that was when I discovered I could actually write my own songs, lol My first performance was in Ss3. My guy and I performed Phyno’s connect and that was like the icing on the cake cos it got me more popularity and fame in school. It was then I realized oh yeah I’m actually good with this music thing. When I started writing, I started as a rapper then with time I adjusted to singing and now I’m doing both and still refining my singing skills.

 How much support did you get at that stage of your music career?

Winnar: Mehn I just had good support from a few people, it was just my aunt, my brothers, my friends and some school mates. I didn’t want to let my parents know I was into music then because I really felt they would oppose my choice.

Do your parents know that you do music now?

Winnar: Yes. They both anticipated and were excited about my latest single ‘Rihana’

Talking about that, how has the reception been so far for your latest single?

Winnar: Well, checked my audiomack this morning and I saw about 120 plays so yeah it’s steady progress. So many positive comments and reviews from my friends and fans. My Elder bro says ‘the song shows great promise’

The single in a way has signalled a restart for you, you changed your brand name quite a number of times, what could possibly be the reason why?

Winnar: Well, I changed my name First in 2020 and as you know that year signaled a lot of changes for us all. Then the reason was cos I noticed so many other Double U(s) who are music artistes on Spotify and YouTube. I felt I would have a problem in the future so it was best to change it while I was still low key. When I changed my name to Omekblack it wasn’t really an easy process cos I thought and thought of so many names but mehn I finally arrived at Omekblack by coining o from Onyebuchi and Mek from Emeka.Then added black for finesse. After I made the Omekblack name public I got both positive and negative comments about the name, most people preferred calling me Double U and still do. After a year of publicizing Omekblack I still had fans who knew me as Double U so I decided to switch to a name similar to Double U just to please my fans and also make it easy for them to be able to get access to my old songs. “so I thought”.. I changed the name to Double U II and then I heard a funny comment about where Double U I was. Personally I got tired of the names I kept on changing and how not cool they were all sounding. Then I went out to chill one day and had a conversation with a guy I just met there and he asked for my number and name the moment I was about leaving, and then I said I’m winner but you can save my number as Double U or Omekblack. He replied no, you’re a Winner and that’s what I will save it with. Then it dawned on me that everyone knows me as Winner cos that’s my name and I actually love being called that. I decided to make it my stage name too but changing the letter E to A so there would be a distinct feature between my Winnar and any other artiste using the stage name Winner.

So much depth in the name, so your first single as ‘WINNAR’ is building steam. What is the thought process behind RIHANA?

 Winnar: Okay so Rihana is basically about this babe I met. A mad ass dancer that captivated me the very first day I saw her dancing. “The way she whine be so mad o”. lol The chorus and the verses is just me and omo London trying as much as we can to win her heart.

Now your followers are grinding already to your single, what should they be expecting?

 Winnar: More Fire Mehn. My Next project which is EropEp is a bomb to shade from. It’s basically about Love and Lust hence the name “Eros”the type of relationship we dey like.

So we are expecting that huge EP guys, what will you like to say to someone who is just trying to take this music part?

Winnar: Mehn, the road ain’t easy at all but stay focused, be consistent and build your talent. The right dots will connect when it’s your time.

How can our readers find your music and find you on social media?

Winnar: My music is on all music platforms just search “Winnar-Rihana Feat.Omo London”


Follow me on all social media @boywinnar

 Alright, thank you for spending time with us. Hope to interview you soon.

 Winnar: Alright,Safe


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