The Beast From The East – Who Is DJ Beast

Hello, Good day. Tell us about yourself.

DJ Beast: My name is Silas Ugochi also known as Dj Beast. I’m a student of Theatre and Film studies at UNN.
I am a DJ…

How did it all start for you as a DJ?

DJ Beast: It all started in Secondary school when i used to hit lockers and sing for my classmates to dance to. When i got admitted,i used to say i was a Dj but i didnt even have an idea of what it was. I had passion for music but I didn’t know how I was going to start anything. no contact.. Nothing until Braz came along…put me through a lotta things…and now I can proudly say I’m a DJ

So how has the journey being so far as a DJ?

DJ Beast: Been hard tho…a lot of ups and downs especially with the fact that I am a female upcoming DJ…but most of the times I get motivated because its what I love to do. ❤

What plans do you have for those who love your art?

DJ Beast: I plan to never disappoint them…I will put in my best and I will never give up no matter what…

Any upcoming event they should anticipate from you and your team?

DJ Beast: Yea… Dance with Dj Beast… Beauty and the Beast ‘unveiled’ and a whole lot more to come. Me and my team are going to serve the sauce y’all deserve…

Can you shed more light on Dance With DJ Beast?

DJ Beast: Its a little stadium party here everyone will gather,work out,dance and have fun

DJ Beast: It’s going to be a memorable one…🙂

So any words for any female out who would love to go into disc jockeying?

DJ Beast: Yes…I would love to tell them that anything is possible as far as you work for it…be the best you can be and be willing to make sacrifices…I also want to use this medium to say that there is a training on ground for DJs..mostly female….one more thing is the sky is big enough to accomodate everyone…we rise by helping others…

Wow! That’s really nice. So tell us what females should expect from the DJ training?

DJ Beast: A lot…lessons on Djing…sound engineering and productions…just be ready🙂

What is your favourite song you have never played while DJ’ing?

DJ Beast: Nigerian…
No crime by Nonso Amadi
7 rings by Ariana Grande…

On a final note, how can people reach out to you?
DJ Beast: On social media…
Instagram handle..@iam_dj_beast
Facebook…Silas Ugochi
[ DJ Beast: WhatsApp.. 08148400321

Okay thank you for spending your time with DerivingJoy Digital.

DJ Beast: I am honoured…thanks Deriving joy Digital.. You rock!

You are welcome

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