TEKAN: Do You Have A Gun With You (Episode III)

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The world around them felt empty, it felt like all the animals were asleep.
You would have expected the nocturnals to make sneaky movements but guess they were all on recess.
It was turning out to be a very cold night. A night were two people out on a mission met for the first time.

” I am Victor. ”
Oh I see,” Nnodi said as she went to join him sit on the pile of wood beside the tree.
”So why are you here?”
” Something which isn’t right is going on inside that building ” Nnodi replied.
So you want to just go in there alone?”
” Yes ”
Victor, now looking at her closely for the first time is stunned by her beauty. “You will be killed, if you dare.” Victor said with no remorse on his face.
Nnodi looks at Victor, “So what are you doing here?”
“I have been trying to crack a case of a missing girl, and that has lead me to this place. ”
“We can’t sit outside all night, staring at the building.” Nnodi said, “We need to move in and free the girls in there.”
“No.” Victor said, “We should wait and see what happens.”
Victor tries to convince her but Nnodi is not having any of that. “I am going in alone if you are not ready, people are going to die if we don’t act fast.”
Nnodi got up and prepared herself to head towards the building.

“Do you have a gun with you?” Victor asked.
“I will make good use of my hands.”
Nnodi now was filled with rage as she stepped towards the building. The entire building was silent, the sound of a pin drop could be heard from afar. She was feeling bad probably because Victor chose to stay back at the tree.

The house contained so many doors and this surprised her. Nnodi walked along the hallway opening every door but all the rooms were empty. There was nobody in sight. She was getting furious.

Then she saw a stairway that led down into the dark. Nnodi was about following through the stairway then she heard a crack sound behind her.

She turned, a blackwood cult soldier was pointing a shotgun at her. His eyes were blood-red.
Nnodi looked at death in the face, but she remained still.

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