TÉKAN: Who Are You? (Episode II)

The forest was quite unusually dark. A concrete walled house with zinc roof laid in its centre.

It looked deserted as Nnodi walked through the tick bushes like a predator seeking its prey.

She had just one goal for the night. Set the girls free and bring back evidences to bring down this syndicate.

As she walks through a patchy path, she sees a figure smoking cigarette. She feels shivers down her spine. She wasn’t expecting to kill so early.

Nnodi drew first blood with a punch right at the jaw of the figure who has been in silhouette before her eyes. She couldn’t even recognise him.

The male figure fell to the ground. She kept moving. Then She Stopped.

‘That was quite easy’, she said to herself.

The figure now back up on his feet throws away his blunt and spits hard to the ground.

‘Is that your strongest punch?’ He asked Nnodi.

‘Well, let’s find out’ She replied him as she forged ahead towards him with a landing kick.

The male figure moves swiftly with precision.

‘Too slow!’ He said.

Nnodi now trying to catch a little breath after landing throws a left jab, he blocks it with his right elbow and throwing his first punch which lands on Nnodi’s forehead. Her wig falls off.

She falls to the ground in the same sequence.

‘Who are you?’ Nnodi asked.

He walks up to her, grabbing her neck he raises her up to his eye level.

This was the first time Nnodi was able to see his face

‘Damn quite handsome’, she soliloquies as she kicks him from below, his hands drops from her neck and his head bending down. She slams his head on her knee cap.

‘Agh’. He said.

She expected him to fall down but the male figure rose up like a dead man brought to life who felt no pain, his nose bled for the first time.

‘We could do this all day woman’.

He brought her down with a sliding kick, Nnodi was on the floor.

‘That was fast’ she said, looking at him straight in the eye.

‘Shut up and fight me’. He said.

He walked back to the tree and sat down.
Turned to her and Nnodi laid on the floor looking at him.

He was handsome and good at fighting. He was obviously not part of the syndicate running the baby making factory.

‘Who are you?’ She asked again.

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