Tekan – We Are Surrounded


The basement was silent, Victor was now beginning to feel uneasy, and Nnodi was curious about what could be after the door before them.

Are you sure we are not walking into a trap?”
“There is only one way to find out” Nnodi said as she smashed the door open.
The entire basement hall was empty. Dark. Silent.

“it seems like the girls have been evacuated” Victor said, “Let’s keep moving.”
A shot was fired. Victor drags Nnodi to the ground, pulling in into a corner.
“We are surrounded, but i think they are just few.”

Victor spots a shadow at the east end, he shoots at the target, there is a brief silence, and the shadow falls.

“Nnodi, two on the left, and two by the right.” Victor said.
“How do you know?” Nnodi asked as she stepped out of the corner.
“Basic ambush strategy, lets go.”

Victor shoots at another moving shadow, he misses. The shadow shoots back at him. Victor dodges behind a pillar.

Nnodi shoots at the shadow, shadow figure falls down.
“Nice one” Victor appraised her.
“What do you mean?”
“Not bad, guess we have two people left” Victor said.
“I am taking them down my self.”
They both laughed.

Danny’s men shoot sporadically towards Victor and Nnodi’s direction. They both go into hiding. Nnodi takes a deep breath and storms out, with two shots she takes both of Danny’s men down.

“Great Job” Victor said. “The girls will be inside here”
They go into the room.

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