TEKAN: Ready (Episode IV)

At this point Nnodi shut her eyes to accept the fate that has befallen her because she knew he was going to pull the trigger. She heard the sound of gun shot then she opened her eyes and looked at herself, there was no bullet wound, she stared at the man who held the shotgun, he was laying in a pool of his own blood.

Victor shot him.

Nnodi took a deep breath. Her face lit up but she quickly waved it off.

Victor noticed the switch, “I told you to wait, now a tonne of them are right behind us coming for the kill,” he said. “We have to find a way to get out of sight.” Victor runs into a corner as he hears footsteps climbing up the stairway. Nnodi takes cover behind a pillar then locked eyes on Victor. She loved his swiftness.

They both now knew that the only way to uncover any truth tonight was to go through the stairway.
The footsteps became louder as the person walked up the staircase, Victor came out of the corner and shot blank into the darkness and the sound of footsteps disappeared.

His precision was something to emulate, Nnodi was now beginning to love that about him.

“Let’s go down there and see what they are hiding,” Victor said as he grabbed the gun on the floor and handed it over to Nnodi, “Now you will be needing not just your hands, but this too.”

Few feet below Victor and Nnodi, Danny and his men packing up to exit the building. Since Chiazam escaped with her baby, they knew their hideout wasn’t safe anymore.

“Keep moving!”, Danny shouted, “we don’t have time for luxury.” He walked up to one of his men, “Hold the girls, till we find a way to extract them.”

Victor and Nnodi kept running down the long stairway leading to a basement. Guns in hand they were ready to take down as many men as they could.


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