TÉKAN: In The Beginning


After the Great War, the neighborhood of Tekan is still in a shadow of its old self.
Then the zitanium was discovered which changed everything about the land in positive and negative ways.
The zitanium was an element that could generate a clean source of energy, provide clean power, and also processed down into other forms. It defiled all physical laws at that point and everyone was after it.
The three regions of the neighborhood of Tekan all wanted to handle its control, The elite gang from the high end coasts needed if for power generation because they had the water bodies, the suffering regions had the cult of Blackwood and needed to monopolize the zitanium to generate triple the revenue and resell. The forgotten were after the equal usage of the zitanium since it came from their lands, the land which they have sworn to protect. The foreigners also, could go at any length to tap into the resources of the zitanium.
But, was the neighborhood of Tekan all about zitanium? No it wasnt. There was a life before zitanium came.
A life of crime, mental slavery, and suppression.
There was a young lady who looked weak in the morning and was tough at night. A seamstress by day and a savior at night fall.
This is The story of the neighborhood of Tekan through the eyes of Nnodi the uncelebrated heroine

I, Nnodi resided in Tekan, a neighborhood in the far west of Africa. It was a neighborhood divided into three strata of influence— the elite gang, the cult of Blackwood, and the forgotten.
The elite gang was the rich and influentials of old, the cult of Blackwood were the ruthless and blood thirsty clan, and the forgotten used to have an old rich history of true blooded warriors who looked extinct to the people of Tekan.
After the Great War, the neighborhood of Tekan, where I was born was now a shadow of its old self. It was gradually crawling back to that city it used to be before the Babylonians attacked. The elite gang hadnt returned yet from self exile. Well there were no people to rule and influence. The cult of Blackwood, were ripping off on the suffering, and the forgotten were indeed forgotten. To people in the neighborhood the forgotten were going into extinction like the battle war dogs. The battle war dogs were called nadiari.
The wealthy resided in the high end coast beside the river zuwambezi. The sufferings resided in the low mountains of Hillsborough below the high end coasts. While the uninterested, settled in the dispersed lands known as the castings.
Twenty years into rebuilding Tekan back to its glory old days by no group In particular; my dad was among the elites though he fell in love with an uninterested, who happens to be my mother. Because she wasnt elite, she had to take me away. I settled with the uninterested for those long years were I learnt the ways of the forgotten.
Tekan, now in its building process, discovers zitanium and it is bound to change the technological era of the old looking city of Tekan.
Tekan was alive this morning, birds were chirping, cocks crowing, and the wind moving gaily along the far and wide ends of the irregular shaped city. The Lorries were in a hurry to pick the farmers and their goods. The Lorries always kept to their time of departure. They were to move the farmers to the high end coasts. These were the farmers who worked for the elite.
Hello!, said a very young girl standing in front of my stead.
Hi! How are you?, Nnodi replied.
I am fine. My dad said I should drop a note for you. She stretched a properly folded piece of paper towards Nnodi.
Oh! Thank you. My regards to him, Nnodi replied.
I will be going right away, she added.
Okay no problem. What is your name? I know you are the daughter of Cletus, Nnodi asked her.
I am Abigael
Alright greet your father for me, Nnodi said.
Okay I will, she responded and walked out of Nnodis stead.

Nnodi dropped the note inside her drawer without even taking a look at it; she was already running late on delivering one of her clients birthday party dresses.
She finished up on the dress, she packed it into a blue paper bag neatly, and got up to go deliver it. Then, there was a knock on the door of her stead. She opened it with her face filled with curiosity, it was nubby, a friend of hers.
Nnodi, the girl who just left here has just been kidnapped?

Nnodi, filled with confusion, immediately ran to abigaels house. She could not believe the little girl who just left her stead was taken. She wanted to go straight to her father, Cletus, who was the good king everyone loved.
When she got there, she found no one in the compound, she went around the corner and it was deserted. Nnodi was now confused, “Where did Abigael’s family members go to?” she asked herself.
Then she saw someone run into the compound, she hurriedly went after him.
“Hey, what happened?”
“They took him.” he said.
“They were on all black, that is all i saw” he answered and zoomed off.

So I ran back to my stead to check the note Abigael brought to me. It was a note her father sent to me before he was taken.
It read They will come for each and every one of us, seek us not when they do
I went out to question the lorry drivers, the only lead I got was that there men of same body size did the grabbing of both Cletus and his daughter and that they took the only route that lead to the high end coasts of Tekan. I became confused on what to do at this point.
The elite gang were taking off obstacles on their route. They took into their custody secretly the most influential men and offsprings of the castings. The castings was a land protected from the outside world for years. They needed access; it was the last land for exploration. The elite gang had been told of the latest finding — the locals called it the bright gold light later to be known as zitanium. They went on a rampage using the cult of Blackwood to penetrate.
I Unravelled all the mystery behind it, then I reached out to the armies of the nzeadis (a force people thought were already extinct). Then I found out that the forgotten were also headed towards the high end coast. The cult of Blackwood now fully understood what the bright gold light could achieve so they decided to hoard and resell.
The cult of Blackwood killed all the elite gang personnel, and burnt them alive in their sleep.
The forgotten wanted to release their king — the good man Cletus so bad and I also wanted to save Abigael too. The armies of the nzeadis accepted to help me because they were sworn to serve and to protect our people.
We went to war and came back without Abigael and her father. I was only 17 when i went to the great war and it change me forever.

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  1. Olumide Akinlaja

    When a lot of thought process how’s into any form of arts, the results are always admirable. This is an example of such as the story is well plotted with distinct characters and locations.
    It is also relatable as it reminds me of a West African country we know so well. Let’s have more of it.

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