TÉKAN: Girl Power I

Dark days are here again in our lands.
Our village head became confused when the news about how a few number of girls had been missing for over ten months got to him.

Few weeks ago, Chiazam ran into the village square hall clutching her one month old baby in hand.
She was down in tears, she couldn’t even speak out a word, she must have had a very crazy experience deep inside the thick forests that encircled TÉKAN.

She must have ran miles to set her and the future of her new born baby free from the hands of those who held her prison.
Her baby was a girl, and the people of TÉKAN never really valued girls.

The head, and his advisers met with Chiazam to find out what happened to her and her experiences in the past 10 months.

Chiazam refused to speak and the village head became helpless.
She left them in their ignorance because she knew the truth now and she only wanted to share it with the only woman who she believed could help her.

The village head were a part of the syndicate making babies for the elite (male babies anyway).
She wanted Nnodi to know the truth first because Nnodi was the only person she could trust.

Chiazam and Nnodi met under the tree at her stead where she sew the best of local print wears during the day.

” What happened to you Chiazam?” Nnodi asked.
” They are all the same, Nnodi. ” She replied.
” What happened to you out there?” Nnodi asked again.
”They took me,they impregnated me,they made me have a baby,and they wanted to sell my baby off because I gave birth to a girl.” Chiazam said as she sobbed.
”It is okay.” Nnodi said as she rested her head on her shoulders.
” What about the male babies? Are they also killed?”
” No ” she replied,
”It is a factory for making babies. Male babies are sent to the elites after a year, Female babies are killed, They have a lot of young girls still there.” Chiazam added.
”It is okay Chi, the information you have given me will help a lot.”
Nnodi gets up and hands her a cup of warm tea.
”Remain in my place till you get better, I will be back”.

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