This could possibly be the first time you have heard of me but obviously it would be the last.

By the time you get to read this, the result of the content I gulped should have taken effect.

Please Do not pity me.


Don’t cry, for I have lavished my potentials and I have lost my treasure.

Peer pressure isn’t my excuse as opposed to the usual but rather, mine was just sheer curiosity.

I picked up the habit of drug abuse simply because I wanted to test my brain capacity.

I can recall when my Val, Uzoamaka would always take the pains of visiting occasionally in order to advice me (advises which fell on deaf ears anyway).

Little by little, the days chameleons into years and there wasn’t anything I could achieve.

All my classmates have graduated, started hustling, and are making progress while I’m still an overstay who is wallowing in the abyss of drug addiction.

Whomever that is reading this, help me tell my parents that I’m deeply sorry (sobs).

I’m a failed project and a worthless investment.

Do you feel pity for me?

Does reading this piece makes you cry?

Please wipe your tears and make merry for I am the constructor of this fallen building.

The wraths of my murdered talents now haunt me day and night.

The lofty dreams and ambitions just
crumbled before me like the Biblical Tower of Babel.

All rejected advises now rise up like demons to mock me.

They have made the hallway of my sanity their abode.

With each passing hour, they rain down strokes of regrets as my mind reminisces the chronicles of my past actions.

I no longer find comfort in
this life again.

What’s there to live for?

As Angel Gabriel delivered the news to Mary, so does the Angel of disappointment delivers the news of
death to me each passing day.

A pain I can’t take anymore.
As the rich man beckoned on Abraham in the
Bible, so do I beseech you to help spread my message.

Help tell the world that there’s no excuse for
drug addiction.

My name is Ikemefuna, which means “may my strength never depart from me”

A name my parents gave their only child because they thought I would be their strength.

Don’t call me Ikemefuna!

I have been baptized and given a new name which is Ikem efugo meaning “I’ve lost my strength “

Written By Sammy Kaycee

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