Take your uncles for an example, no one will support you at this stage.

Take your rich uncles for an example, you will never get the support you need at this stage

We all know how the culture of the Nigerian hustle revolves around money these days.

To pursue that dream, a huge amount of money has to accompany you.

Everyday, young creative’s are dreaming but not actualizing because there are no funds.

There is no financial support system.

The labels want to use you, the banks want to use you, money lenders want to use you, and your uncles and aunties want to place their own kids first before you.

Everyone wants to attach to a successful entity that is why you need to wake up from waiting for a miracle worker and Start working.

The only people who get supported are people who have started doing something over the years and have placed themselves in the fore front of development in their area of interest.

You need to have a plan that works at this stage.

Take your uncles for example, how many times have they returned your call after the first call of you pleading for financial support?

No one wants to risk it at this stage of your growth.
At this stage, you would have to work with alternatives.
This is where discipline comes in, to be able to handle the creative part of you and the part that gets you to go look out for what will pay you to assist your craft.

You have got numerous talents, make them all work for you.

Finding a way to connect your talents to achieve one goal is everything you can ask for.

Recreate, Renew, Re-strategies, and most importantly mind your business.

Put yourself first in everything you do.

People will use you if you are weak.

Pray for a united family because that is your only support system through God.

Note well that no one will give a damn about you as long as you are in this stage where you are still a ”NOTHING”

Written by @chimefrancis1

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