Sex Hygiene: Before And After

Here are the before and after hygiene habits you simply shouldn’t skip.


Sure, it’s not the biggest turn-on in the world, but think about where your hands (and your partner’s hands) have been. Decrease the chance of spreading diseases or causing infections by cleansing your hands before climbing in bed together.

This isn’t something you do immediately before having sex, but it should be done at some point before things get intimate. Even if you think you know your sexual partner’s history, testing is always a surefire way to protect yourself as best you can.

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Whether you’re circumcised or not, your penis can harbor quite a bit of bacteria, which is dangerous to your partner during sex. Scrub the area a bit beforehand as an act of consideration for their health.

Wet your vagina. This isn’t as sexual as it sounds. Using warm water to prepare your vagina can seriously decrease the risk of spreading bacteria.


Pee. As unromantic as it may sound, urinating after sex is a great way to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) because it flushes out any bacteria acquired during the act. Try to pee at least thirty minutes after the deed is done.

Hydrate. Sweating is a common aspect of sex, and though you might not realize it, your body is probably pretty dehydrated after a steamy romp. Make sure to fix yourself a glass of cool water to replenish your body’s fluids.

Clean your genitals. Admit it: after getting intimate, it kind of feels like your vagina or penis could use a little TLC. Use non-fragrant soap and water to remove any bacteria and or body fluids that might have accumulated

Let things breathe. If you immediately slip into tight skinny jeans or suffocating underwear after sex, you might encourage bacteria to call your down-there area home, especially if you’re a woman. Let your lady parts breathe for a little while to discourage the presence of bacteria.

Make sure everything is dry. Putting your moist lady or man bits into underwear is a pretty solid way to trap nasty germs and bacteria in their ideal sort of environment.

Clean your sex toys. Having a little fun with extra accessories is fine, but forgetting to clean them isn’t. They can harbor plenty of nasty germs, so give them a thorough cleanse in preparation for next time.

Eat some probiotics. Although eating yogurt might not sound like the best post-sex activity, probiotics can help replenish the bacteria that normally (and healthily) reside inside your vagina.

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