Good evening guys

I am ChimeFrancis a standup comedian though.
I have two songs to my name.
I am a Music Enthusiast who derives joy from promoting music.
I started working (promoting) with underground music acts since 2014.

I am happy to share with you how to Promote Music with Facebook

Mind you, everything I share with you here today is from my experience and what I have tried out.

Note well I am not a custodian of the right knowledge.

And this class is not in anyway a promo for Facebook.
I am no Facebook ambassador.
Methods can be tried offline too and it will work

Not many of us use Facebook to do fullest as musical artiste just the same way we hate using song writers for our songs.

But the truth is, Facebook is a platform where you can get to choose the kind of target Audience you want to resonate with your sound and music.

We have a three-tier generation on Facebook.

The babies
(those young school leavers who just left secondary school or are still in in secondary school)

The young and woke generation – the generation that rule Twitter today and follow all the trends.

Then we have the old generation
You as an artiste/dj/beat maker/songwriter can decide which of these generations you are willing to reach.

Facebook has it all for you.

So it is left for you to decide
In this class, you must not take all but if you take just one thing out
It would help your growth a lot.

So from now think about the generation you want to satisfy

If your music can satisfy all generations


If your beat can satisfy a one or two generations

Fine too

Know your strength and weakness
I will speak on three ways to get the best out of Facebook and your Facebook account.

  1. You
    Getting the best out of Facebook
  2. Influencing
    Using influencers to get the best out of Facebook
  3. Sponsored Ads
    Using paid ads to get the best out of Facebook


First of all,
Sponsored Ads are not that expensive or hard to do on your own!

You can run a sponsored ad for as low as 200 naira on Facebook

There are a lot you can do with sponsored ads for a content if you have the Facebook ads app.

So find time to download the Facebook Ad app and study it if you are going to pick sponsored ads as one of the tools you will use to expand your music career.

There are a few things to know to get the best out of a sponsored ad on Facebook

If you study the Facebook ads you will see a lot on it via target audience

Ranging from Age grade, location, gender, geography et all

All these you must take into consideration

You won’t Want to promote your music in Lagos market and your target market location on your ads is sabo gari, Kano state.

Aside the normal guides on the Facebook Ads app itself

(Best usage of Facebook and Facebook APP features is using a PC though but desktop on chrome can serve.)

Whenever you do a sponsored Ad

make sure you are deliberate and have a reason why you are doing it.

  • It is very important

You must know what you want your audience to react to.

You must know what you want to achieve by doing a sponsored Ad.

You won’t be hoping people download your song and you use an image of your track and no links on the ads

So There must be a clearly stated Call to Action for your audience.

CTA is what you want your audience to do when they see your ads on their timeline.

Things you can sponsor that will be beneficial to you as a brand are

  • Links to your music
  • An anticipation design for a yet to be released song or EP or Album
  • Your process to making a beat

(video format/YOUTUBE links)

  • An official visual to your song.
  • A One Minute promo clip of your song.
  • Your writing process
  • Your practice sessions
  • Everything that concerns you and your music that people won’t have access to on a normal day

When making a sponsored ads things you can consider too are;

  • Know your target audience depending on the song you are about to release.

Which kind of people will enjoy this my reggae track?

  • Know how you wish them to react and also know how you want them to react.

This will help you know how to write a copy

(what people will see and react to)

For your Facebook ad.

(Copywriting is basically an advertorial aimed at getting conversion)

Make people appreciate by giving them actual value.

Don’t be singing rubbish and making bad production and expect people to love you.

You must bring Value to the table at all times.

From your track Art to Mixed and mastered track

Sponsored Ads is cost effective if used well.

I didn’t say you should be doing sponsored ads everyday sha – you are not don jazzy.


There are people who have a good following on Facebook.

They basically have huge engagement.

Whenever they drop a post people comment,like, and share all the time.

I personally call them influencers or people of influence because they can generate good engagement on Facebook.

You can reach out to these people and ask them to do you a favour.

And the favour I mean here is not them posting your links oo

Just ask them to talk about your you or about your music.

Some will ask for money
Some might not.

So your approach to them matters.

I know many people who will want to start a conversation with how much you go collect

Please don’t start like this

Even if your music is sponsored by a yahoo backed label ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

Please build a working relationship with people

You shouldn’t have to pay everybody

You need as much people of influence on Facebook as possible

If they refuse, do not worry.

Heading into their comment sections from time to time and starting a conversation with a stranger is greater

Take the discussion into what they feel about music and there you sell yourself.

Don’t post links to your music there except the person ask for it.

So you don’t get blocked or reported by owner of post his followers are engaging on

If you have money to throw around then you can buy their respect then by paying them To talk about you, your song, your EP/album, or your next project.

You need bloggers on Facebook too.

At least have one blogger you give money to, to push your music.

I suggest you patronize the newbies in blogging because they will stretch more for you.
The popular blogs don’t really promote after you put your song.
Once dey share, that is all.
Sometimes they clear their storage and your file is gone cause you are an upcoming

If you get someone who is good at writing a copy, knows Promotion and publicity and artiste management?

Try not to break relationships with them.

Also Groups are a good place to engage people.

Talk to people about your music.

Share ideas and also collaborate if possible.

Get people to Keep talking about your music.

You can also create a personal influencing group of 10 on facebook

Your producer
Your manager
Your personal promoter
Your girl friend
Your producer girlfriend
Your manager girlfriend
Your girlfriend best friend
Your bestie
One of your ex

All of you can make up an Influencing group when you want to push your music

Now the most Important and last part of today’s topic



You are the problem why you have not shutdown the big venues

Not money

Not platform

Not label

Just you!

You are your only competition

I hope I didn’t just sound like a motivational speaker.


The best promotion,publicity, and marketing strategy is one done by you.

You have to be the loudest about your music before bloggers and influencers can key in into your music.

Before GIRLS can key into your music – Forget boys๐Ÿ˜„ they are all marlians

If you don’t talk about your music people won’t see the value.

They won’t see the story behind and nothing moves humans of today than stories do.

People always want to be given a reason to know why they should Stan (fan) you.

So how do you achieve this?

  • Be deliberate.
  • Be unique.
  • Tell your story with every opportunity given. Whatever you post on Facebook, you must know what you want to achieve and how you want your followers to react ”I am posting my link now because โ€ฆ (since you all are isolating, you will like a tune that is cool and lovely because you might be with a loved one) I want you to have a relaxed mind” Be unique, I can’t over emphasize on this.

Do things differently.
Avoid clichรฉ industry words if you can while promoting your work.

I just drop a hot banger (when we know sey nothing really hot for the song๐Ÿ˜„)

Another hit (na me the blogger go suffer backlash when e no enter well)

Create and use words that speaks your story more.

  • Tell your story
  • Tell your process
  • Tell your fan base how you get things done behind the scene
  • Document as much things as possible.
  • Post clear pictures
  • Post quality videos
  • Write good copy or hire someone who can write to sell your perspective.
  • Sell yourself in a proper way.
  • Don’t sell yourself like another fire boy
  • Don’t sell yourself as another Burnaboy
  • Sell yourself on Facebook as *YOU.

The world deserves to know you.

The best way to use Facebook app

The best way to use an APP is basically to use all its features.

It helps you get the best out of it.

  • Post regularly about you and your music.
  • Go live and show your process from time to time.
  • Share How you wrote a song
  • How you got in the studio, how you made the beat.

People like to learn new things and that’s value.

Use Facebook tags and location too

Use Facebook page.

Make sure you are using the Facebook page Optimally.

There is also a separate app to manage your Facebook page

And you can also monetize your Facebook page too.

One trick for the night to help your engagement on Facebook when promoting a product (your music/body of work)

Use hashtags and ask question like this

My Facebook post

  • Coke or Pepsi? #Excessbread
  • Money heist or Game Of Thrones? #Ekurole
  • Covid 19 or Ebola? #Ngolo

This will help create traction and engagement too




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