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What am i going to do here with my business?

This is a question you must ask yourself everytime you log into your social media account.
At this stage you must set goals for your social media presence.
A well laid out plan on how to gain followership and how you hope your business to be perceived by those who will be following. You must have a direction and personal guide.

Who are those following me?

Already you will know those who you did like to follow your accounts – buyers ofcourse.
You must be aware of those who are following you on your social media accounts. Social Media numbers are good to the eyes of new client, it makes your business look trusted, but for those numbers following you, how many of them are actual followers who can be converted to customers?.
You have to check from time to time so you can strategize or re-strategize. Real organic followers are always the best following one can get. They are the ones you can convert to customers not bots account.

Follow up once you have decided to kick start

It is always hard to keep up with the pace of handling your business offline and also handling it online. Note well that once you have kick started you must keep up. Consistency is a must for you and your business to see significant change or growth. Many customers will get to trust you because they have shared your journey with you and they can see how consistent you have been. Don’t start and stop halfway. It is better you don’t even set up these online platforms than poorly running it. So you must follow up, check your social media early and often.

Your brand should have a voice

Having put all the social media tricks you know into action, from post captions to use of hashtags, and posting of contents. You must find a voice for your brand. It might take a while but it must be found. Whenever you view posts and read captions, there is this silent voice you hear that gives you a feeling about who the kind of person behind the account would be like. That is the brand voice. You must put yourself in the place of your followers and see how your brand sounds. That is why you have to be intentional about your business social media contents at all times.

Relate with your followers

You must try to build a relationship with your followers. Endeavour to drop comments on their beautiful uploads. Send them wishes on their birthdays. When they post contents that give a feeling they are down, slide into their DM’s and speak with them. From time to time share personal stories on your accounts so that they can see the human side of your brand. Only then will you be trusted.
You must put them first in all you do just like they say, ‘the customer is always right’.
Find the best time to post on social media
This is were you need to study your followers and know their primetimes and downtimes.
It will enable you know when to introduce new products, remind them of product price slash, product giveaway, and many more. The bottomline is you must know when everyone is awake, waiting in front of your store for you to open the door.

Post scheduling

You have to come up with a calendar for social media posting. You can download apps that help you post your content once you schedule them. You can have a mental note on how you want to make your postings so they have a good progression. You don’t want to drop the bar you have already raised. Once again, be intentional about everything you do on your social media platforms. Be deliberate in doing buinesss.

You can be a bore when you only want to gain

You must avoid trying to sell something at every time. Be dynamic, post some fresh stuffs aside business, inform your followers, try to make them laugh with funny contents, give them a break from the noise of buy this – buy that. Balance it up.

Mix it all up

You have to be creative about your contents. This will make you unique and further build trust between you and your followers (who are your potential customers or already customers). You must use a combination of words, images, and videos to achieve it.

Add Social Media Links To Your Brand Website

You must always post links to your social media on post/blogpost you make on your website. And also remind your followers, friends, and family about your different social media platforms.

Host Contests

Do giveaways sensibly, product price slash, attach with other brands to sell your brand by supporting with your products. This will help you position your brand on social media.

Capitalize On Viral Hashtags

Air a view with viral hashtags or basically fix them into your post. Use real-time hashtags (Trending Topics at the time of your posting). Less is more, use hashtags as few as possible. Always keep an eye on trending topics and also unique posting pattern.

Sponsored Ads

Try using it when you finally have good profit to play around with. Social media advertising is really great when done well.

Never lose sight of the goals you have set for yourself

Always remember that there is a reason why you kicked started. It might have been for money or for passion, but do not forget the goals you have written down at the very begining.

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