People You Call Friends – Henry Uchenna Marvel


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Grab a popcorn and probably a drink huh
I got something I need you to think on
Or let’s say someone I need you to ditch on
So what’s the purpose of my write up??
I want you to man up
To be clear headed and take a good look at these people….
People you call your friends
Now let’s do the analysis
How you met them you can’t remember
How you guys started talking
Your medulla can’t seem to decipher
It’s like eating nutella
You can’t tell how it finishes.. Ask Shoshanna
That’s how you can’t tell how these people.. .
People you call your friends are your friends
First they act like your ride or die niggas
Showing love and care that shocks you to your embers
And then the thought comes to your head.. “I just met this person”
“He/She is so caring..
Blah blah blah
They are just waiting to break you apart like glass
They are always open and receptive
Listening and sensitive
Always there for you when things are down
You see these people…
People you call your friends
They’d do anything as long as you don’t Fuckup (I am not understanding)
And you do what they want
You think it’s loyalty
Please knock out that stupidity And bind that thought with alacrity
Ehn! I know they were there for you
Even there by your hospital bed
Spent money on your birthday day
Had your back on your worst day
Comforting and saying stuffs to keep you at bay
Awww.. Infact they were “Bae”
I couldn’t agree more dear
But pèlé ó jàré I am here to burst that bubble
Ehn! With a very big worded needle
So that after using kerosene and spirit
That chewing gum that has covered your eyes
Will fall out without much ado
It might look like magic
But mehn! It’s real logic
They be acting all Jenifa and Toyosi
Till yawa go Kass!
I mean that period when you stop pleasing them
And start pleasing yourself
When you start taking critical decisions that works for you..
But doesn’t seem right to them
They are your friends..
You expect them to understand
But No!
They go gigi gaga
And start giving attitude
Ewo! Wahz happenings?
You are trying to understand this new altitude
But they make it as difficult as trying
To find the Sun’s longitude and latitude
Without the knowledge of geography
That’s when the so called friendship
Becomes hard like trying to understand geometry
When you are no lover of mathematics
You start to have emotional problematics
And your feelings are here and there like statistics
Òmó mí pèlé
It’s not your fault
When that wise Sombori said to “Look before leaping”
I am guessing Devu came and told you it’s “Leap before looking”
People you call your friends
Are the ones that facebook call mutual friends
Maryrose can explain what that means to you
Those that are friends with your Friends
When they start their drama
Especially the ones so attached
Would make you wish you used thread instead of attach
Because it is only when your front hair is gone
And your scalp looks like where fowls gathered to eat
That you’d understand thread is Bae
Here’s my Unplugged advice for you
Anybody that’s giving you tough time
Give them time to get over what’s wrong with them cause it’s definitely not you
If they don’t.. Give them space Loads and loads of space
If they are still giving Mumu attitude
Cut them off!!
I repeat Cut Them Off!
And to all those people that other people call their friends
Who don’t like this write up
Not that I expect them to be able to deal with the truth..
I’m in my room at Hilltop
Coman beat Me!

By: H. U. M ✌✌

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