Rose had met Michael in a bookshop some months back. He was a cool guy with finely shaped arms. His figure was imposing and he had a deep voice. One month after they had met he still did not ask her on a date like she expected. She had once stood in front of the mirror to admire her features. She was a beautiful lady and all the other guys she had met in the past didn’t wait this long before asking her out but it was different with Michael. He’d call her 3 times in a day to check up on her and tell her most times they chatted to take care of herself for him but still he never did pop up that question. Most times when he came over to see her they’d talk and talk but many of the talks they had were based on different topics ranging from religion to politics to fashion and other random stuffs. She wanted to make the move but for the sake of being called cheap and loose, she decided to keep waiting till whenever he decides to ask her. On second thought maybe she wasn’t good enough.She had even wondered what it would be like to have him inside her.. oh it would be thrilling holding his muscular arm and letting him ride in and out of her.He looked experienced to her and she longed day and night for the day he’d take her to fantasy land.

One cool evening she had just taken her bath and had set the table for dinner. Dressed in a sheer night wear she strolled to the kitchen to serve dinner when the doorbell stopped her in her tracks. Rose wasn’t expecting anyone and racked her brain to recall if she had invited anyone over. She lived alone and had no neighbour. She walked briskly to the door and peeped through the door hole, standing there was Michael. She wondered why he had come because he always called before visting.. Ding dong! the bell rang a second time . This time she turned the locks and opened the door but not before checking herself in the mirror that stood beside the door. “What took you so long” Michael asked her immediately he stepped into the house. “Erm i wasn’t expecting anyone so i was wondering who would be at the door by this time” She replied and turned to face him. He was unusually beautiful today and he’s cologne was different. He held her and stared deep into her eyes. it felt like he was boring into her soul. At this point she didn’t know what to do and wondered whether he was finally gonna kiss her as he had not done that since they had met. “Michael are you okay” she asked when she finally realized nothing was gonna happen. Releasing her , he put his hands in his pocket and told her he was fine that he just felt like he should see her. “i was just about to have dinner, you could join me” she offered.

As she turned to leave for the kitchen he grabbed her and this time he kissed her. It was shocking but yet it was what she wanted. She reciprocated back and he raised her up and before she knew it he had dropped her gently on white sheets.How he figured his way to her bedroom was not a bother as she was about to get what she’d always hoped for and couldn’t wait for him to get started. Gently he pulled down her night gown and his lips met her nipples. She moaned in pain and pleasure as he dug his teeth in.She quickly unbuttoned his shirt and let her hands feel his hard rigid body. She was touching him finally. She could taste his craving. Something like liquid fire travelled through her veins.Electrifying sparks shot through her skin, jabbed at her sides. She breathed helplessly. He looked into her eyes and there was a smile like a half moon on his face. His breath left his mouth into her and he kissed her briefly again before lowering his head to the skin between her legs. She wriggled her waist and moaned, excitement burning too hot, her head expanding and shrinking, her breathing loud and uncontrolled as his tongue dipped in and out of her, sucked and licked until every nerve in her body tingled.She was anticipating his last move, waiting for him to thrust in. Her whole frame shivered as she thought of him entering into her. Finally he did…

Few Moments later…

Rose had never felt so unsatisfied in her life . There he was gasping like one who had just completed a 100meter race when he’d done nothing. His throng was no bigger than her little finger. All she had dreamt of was just a mirage though he managed to get her aroused but left her longing for satisfaction he could not give.

She had Over Rated Him…..

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