Ever gone for an event where you’re being properly Fed?
Oh well, Chime Francis, Out of Hand 2019 which held on the 20th of July was that event that not only fed the hearts of it’s audience with laughter but, also made sure their stomachs shared in the joyful moments.
Held at Ifybest Canteen hall, Nsukka, Enugu State, the event was amazing right from the moment you stepped your foot into the hall.
Perfect reception and organization was what greeted your eyes.
MC Sproto was on the microphone totally taking charge of the event and at the same time making the audience laugh.
A short movie by Lenix Media was played and an already rehearsed short drama by Phoenix Theatre came up.
These of course were appetizers as artistes soon graced the stage with songs that made people vibe so well and dance so much.
These artistes include @pk.the.rapper, @realKemena, @Shaggyblaq and @Kaseklozd of Drecos Entertainment, @Enwaiz7, @Slimangel_music, MBK, @Coozyholic, and a host of others.
Finally, Chime Francis, the host of the event came up on stage and threw his audience off balance with all sorts of jokes.
Funniest of them all were those jokes he coined from very serious matters. Plus, he has a knack for looking very serious while making you laugh so hard you can’t breath and I guess that was also one of the reasons his audience were totally amazed.
To finally wrap up the event, a celebratory cake was cut for and by people whose birthdays fell between the months of June, July and August amidst so much laughter.
On the wheels of steel was @iam_djbigshot
You don’t need anybody to tell you that you missed a whole lot if you actually missed this event.
However, there’s still time for you to start preparing for next year’s edition of Chime Francis, Out Of Hand.
Written By @thevictorianelson

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