On Becoming Successful


NZEADI FRANKLIN – Founder, www.derivingjoydigital.com

“False Success Is Based On Image; True Success Is Based On Proper Values”

It is a tedious road to becoming successful at what you do. Especially in a society that isn’t working. A society were anything goes. Overtime i have come to understand that there are some factors that can help you get to the end of the road of success.
The key players in becoming sucessful are but not restricted to;
Hard work
Smart work
Grasping an opportunity as a prepared man
Team work
Time management
Purposeful Networking
They are what I call the key players in the first eleven of becoming successful. In a society that is not working like ours, you can also add finance as a key player in becoming a success.
Anyone can become a success. No matter your race, your tribe, your religion, or your geographical location. In fact these factors just mentioned can stipple your becoming succcessful if you aren’t careful.

Success has its basic rules that if followed sternly, you would definitely get to the finishing point as long as life and health is on your side.

If you are disciplined, if you are determined, if you are hard working, if you work smart, if you are prepared, if you grasp every good opportunity, if you work with team spirit, and you have got grace you will become a success in that little thing you have set your sight on. Being deliberate and intentional with every action you take and decision you make will help you go a long way too.

We want you to be a successful man. That is the aim of putting you through the tricks of becoming successful.

But, guess what? Not every success is true success. This is more like saying in the usual terms, “all that glitters is not gold”
There is false success, and there is true success.

A success based on appearance without true content, and a success based on filled content with good and matching appearance to soothe.

False success is based on image; true success is based on proper values.
As you go on in your pursuits for success never forget proper values, remember that vanity upon vanity – all is vanity.

Go to equity with clean hands at all times. Try not to soil a finger out of frustration because you would end up staining your entire hand. STRIVE TO BE A GOOD MAN EVEN IN SUCCESS

Our aim is to culture you into a boy with a right sense of direction, through art and charity.

That is why we release articles on www.derivingjoydigital.com frequently to help you sink in information that will help you as a boy grow.

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