No One Will Support You, If You Don’t Deserve It.

Don’t Beg People To Support You. If you deserve it, you will be supported.
Have you pondered on why we celebrate birthdays of celebrities who don’t know us or give a damn about us, yet we ignore people we know on their birthdays?
Have you asked why people carry the matters of strangers personally than the matters of people they know, personally.
That energy you use to scream ”people don’t support me now, when I blow they will act like they knew me all along” – What if you never make it and you don’t blow?
People know what’s good, people know what to endear themselves to, except hypocrites who follow creative’s because of what they can gain in cash or kind wise.
If you focus all that energy used in seeking validation, support on yourself, and art. people will definitely come around.
They say ”Money doesn’t change a man, but changes the people around him”
No one will support you when you have nothing to give. You must add a value before people buy your market.
Keep pushing yourselves personally. People know who a hardworking man is and they will definitely tag along at the right time.
Nigerians have a very bad entitlement culture to the point that they wear it as a clothing now.
You beg them and tomorrow they be like ”when im be nobody Na we help am o,now wey Im don blow, im don forget us”
Focus more on yourself and art. No one will support you if you don’t deserve it. 
Written by @chimefrancis1

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