Nkwobí – A Tale By AijayPorshe

The woodenware used in serving the popular Nigerian eat out meal common with the Eastern part of Nigeria seem to share the bowl of spicy cow feet with me because I don’t understand why in less than a minute of fighting with some stubborn piece, I peep into the bowl and all I can see is shredded whitish bones sparsely spread.

Who ate all the meat? I mean; how many people devoured the heaped bowl served a minute ago? Why do I still feel empty? However, I figured the bowl has a lot in common with shallowness, indeed I allowed myself to get scammed.

How do I even blame myself when my friend talked me into having a treat from a special bush bar down town with varieties of local belly-timber. It felt good until I noticed I wasn’t served a full portion I ordered for. My instinct at first was to distrust them but I failed to heed and it ended in mental tears (whatever you understand by that). Well I felt so because I know myself I, I shouldn’t have consumed a whole plate before the blink of an eye. They got away with it because as at that time, I lacked clairvoyance and was into consumption business solely. Apparently an empty bowl stared at me before I realized I was just served onions, strands of leaves and bones to deal with than actual meat.

Arrh! It was disheartening, the arrow of pain hit my sternum and I said to myself “There won’t be a next time” but unfortunately, my heart doesn’t say the same thing. The meal was special indeed, perhaps the reason I didn’t get full even after a second plate. The chef deserves an award for putting up an outstanding meal like that one. I was smart to get her recipe. All thanks to the wonders of “tips”, I wanted the recipe so badly. My findings revealed that the meal may seem complicated but in reality it isn’t and it is prepared with simple ingredients. Remind me to patronize my kitchen next time to have a more satisfying treat.

Written By AijayPorsche | Social Media @aijay_porsche

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