I had gone to see him that evening at De’Morris Hotel. He always lodged there whenever he wanted to see me. I had gone to see him there 3months ago and today would be my third time there .
As I entered the room, he motioned to me to sit and make myself comfortable. I sat down on the sofa by the bed and stared at the ceiling. There was something different about the room. I looked around and wondered if this was the usual room 314.
“Bae I’ve missed you” He said and hugged me. He was on a call when I entered the room. I smiled sheepishly and shrugged out of his embrace.
“Are you okay” He asked, sitting close to me.
“I’m fine.. Just tensed” I said looking down.
“Is it about what I told you” He asked.
I nodded not knowing the exact words to reply him with.
“I promise I’d be gentle” He said kissing my arm.
Nobody forced me to come here. I had come on my own and I knew deep down that whatever was about to happen would be my fault and choice alone.
“Do you want anything to eat” He asked as he picked up the telephone on the table.
“No.. I’m not hungry” .
“Are you sure?? At least let me get you something to drink” He said as he sat close to me again.
“I’m okay. Let’s just do what I came here for”
“Baby don’t sound that way nah” He said as he took my hands and stared into my eyes. I couldn’t hold his stare and bent my head.
“I don’t want it to seem like I’m forcing you into it. We could do this at your own convenience” He added raising my chin to kiss me.
I liked it whenever he kisses me. He does it with so much gentility and accuracy that I get electric shocks surging through my veins each time he kisses me. Passionate kiss is the term as seen in some of the romantic novels I spend time reading.
“No I want it. If I don’t, I wouldn’t be here. I want you to take it” I said and took off my shirt.
Staring deeply into my eyes, he nodded his head, he smiled and pecked me on my forehead.
I sat still as he worked the hook of my bra. Few seconds later I had just my pant on. With hands pressing and caressing my breasts, he urged me to lie down, he pulled my pant down and ran his fingers on the skin just below my abdomen. I closed my eyes as I felt a tingling sensation run down my spine. Gently he let two fingers down there and I winced in pain. He motioned me to remain still and quiet and started rubbing the folded skin right at the top of my sex. I felt pain with a slight tinge of pleasure as he kept rubbing and running his fingers through. He let his tongue on my breast sucking one while using one hand to rub the other and simultaneously rubbing my folds. I closed my eyes and felt wet down there. This was pleasure and I wanted the full package, at this point I had this awkward feeling of wanting him inside me. He raised his head and ran his tongue from my belly button down to my vagina. I grabbed the pillows and pulled the bed sheets. I was literally going crazy. My entire body was on fire.
“Don’t stop pleeeeeaaseeee” I begged like as though I’d lose air if he did.
He kept on running his tongue through and fro. Sucking, licking and getting me more enraged with pleasure.
“C’mon babe scream my name” He said amidst eating my pussy.
“Scream my name” He said as he rose and turned me over
I winced in pain as he pushed two fingers into me. The pleasure I once felt was now clothed with pain and I kept turning to register my discomfort.
This time I didn’t know whether to moan as I had seen in some white movies or stay numb. He thrusting in and out with his fingers. Finally he raised his head smiling.
“How do you feel Babe” He asked licking his lips.
“I don’t know, it was fun before but now. I feel.. .. Just pain “
“it’s normal hunnie.. Your body would get used to it in no time besides this is preparatory stage” . I could see the glint in his eye and knew he was enjoying himself.
He stood up and motioned to me to sit up. I did and he asked me to open my mouth. I did and he put his penis inside my mout and started thrusting in and out. I gestured at him to take it out as I was getting choked.
“Relax.. Stay still okay.. I won’t push it deep.. Just close your mouth and be still” came his baffling reply. He kept pushing in and out and making eerie sounds of pleasure till he finally released.
“don’t spit it out love.. It’s good for your skin.. Swallow it” He ordered and I did
“What does it taste like” He asked with a smirk on his face
“it’s tasteless” I said truly disgusted at what I had just swallowed.
“that’s not possible.. There ought to be a tinge of mint in it ” he said as he started rubbing his penis and my left breast simultaneously.
“there’s nothing” I said disinterested and looked away.
All I could think of was what next he was going to do. I wanted to stand up and leave but I couldn’t. I felt betrayed by my body. I couldn’t stand up, I was anticipating his next move and I didn’t want to hurt him. He had told me what we were doing would bring us closer and bond us forever in love. I loved him very much and wanted just that, I wanted him to be my first but at the same time I felt guilty and shamed.
He sliced through my thoughts as he gently placed the tip of his penis on me.
“it’s time babe.. Might hurt you but I know you’re strong and would endure.. I love you” he said and kissed me gently.
I was numb and scared. I didn’t know what to feel but just lay there expectant of the pain he said I would feel but what could be worse than….
“Ouchhhhhhh” I screamed in pain as he slid in.
He remained still without pulling out and told me to calm down. I made to stand up but strong hands held me down.
“You’re hurting me” I said admist the tears already forming in my eyes.
“Babe it suppose to hurt you but like I said your body would blend soon” He replied relaxing his grip on me but not pulling out.
“I’d be gentle” He added as he began riding in and out.
I closed my eyes and tried to muffle the pain, telling myself not to cry. I hated him at this point. I was in pain and he could see it yet refused to pull out. Now I regretted the pleasure I’d felt at first. I didn’t know the next stage was going to be this painful.
“ Stop…ppp”.
He kept on thrusting increasing his pace of movement as I kept wriggling and wincing to the different shades of pain and discomfort I felt.
He immediately pulled out and released then slid back in.
“Bae I’m hurting. Let’s stop please” I begged him.
Putting his lips on mine he muffled the next thing I was about to say and started riding again with his hands on my breast. Squeezing and caressing he ran his hands through my body.
“Bae C’mon don’t just lie there.. Touch me.. You’d enjoy it once you touch me and feel the pleasure too” he said as he took both my hands and placed it on his back..
“C’mon babe.. Feel the pleasure ” he said smiling.
I ran my fingers down his back and retreated when I got to his buttocks. I could feel his hard rigid body which is as a result of hours spent at the gym. This was one of the reasons I accepted when he asked me out. Strongly built and fit, he was my dream man but right now I didn’t know what to think of him. Still thrusting hard and pushing in, he pulled out and began to ride in and out gently. The pain I felt had eased a bit and I relaxed and ran my hands freely through his body. He started increasing the tempo once more and was now thrust faster.
“Oh blessed lawdddd!”. The pain has eased out and I was getting the sensational grip somewhere in my vagina. It felt like I was going to burst. The pleasure I felt initially was back. I grabbed him as he kept thrusting in harder and harder.
“Hi..t meee baaa..bbee” I moaned breathing heavily.
I was about to explode and was very close to my limit. He kept hitting till I finally got to climax. He pulled out and I released like as though someone had opened the tap inside me. I felt numb from waist down. I couldn’t move and he kept smiling at me. He was still very much erect and lay beside me stroking his penis and caressing my left breast. He started moaning and then jumped up and let out his liquid on me.
“Was that necessary??” I asked looking digusted
He ignored my question with a smirk on his face, propped me up and kissed me.
“I love you babe” he said admist our joined lips. His breathing was fast and hard. I liked it whenever he kissed me and holding him, I reciprocated back letting my hands run freely on his body.
All the pain had eased out completely as I stood under the rushing water coming from the shower. There were lot of thoughts going on in my head. I washed inbetween my legs and could see ripples of blood go down the drain and it was then it occurred to me. I had done it. Yes I was no longer a virgin. I’ve had the “Sex” alot of my friends spoke of to be fun and indeed it was. The pleasure I experienced today was something I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Thinking about him I knew I’d never let go of him and hoped he felt same way as I quickly washed up and left the bathroom.
Getting to the room I dressed up and before long was walking out of the gate of the hotel. I was excited even though I felt a tinge of guilt as I had walked in a virgin and was now walking out disvirgined.

Written by H.U.M

Copyright 2018: Re-usage of this piece of work without express permissi on of DerivingJoy or H.U.M Is Punishable By Law.

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