Every year, there seems to be that particular TV series which gets the attention of the
public and this year was no exception as we were introduced to Money Heist:Lacasa
de papel.

A Spanish TV series which had its first season released in 2017 is the
current wave of the town.

Its soundtrack:Bella ciao has warmed its way into the hearts
of spaniards and non Spaniards alike also earning a funny translation in Pidgin.

The plot of the story which surrounds a heist on the Royal Mint of Spain is such
an intriguing piece with so many close shaves and funny moments.

The Antagonist-Professor after so many years of planning and studying had the
craziest and most intelligent plan- breaking into the Royal Mint. Not just breaking into it but
printing new notes which could not be traced by the authorities,making the plan the
best plan ever or so they thought. Well, with every heist comes loopholes.

The alias of the robbers(names of cities) was unpatterned as well as diverse with
names like Tokyo, Rio, Moscow, Nairobi, Helsinki, Oslo, Denver, Berlin with later
additions of Palermo,Stockholm etc.
Their custome,red overalls and the dali mask was unique and quite conceiving,as a
mask should be,even a bit frightening.

The main rules of the heist:nada de nombres,nada de preguntas personales, nada de relaciones
personales ,nada de creerse todo lo que lees en internet which roughly translates as:
no names, no personal questions,no personal relationships,no believing everything
you read in the internet was put in place to avoid emotions growing between heisters
which might inherently sabotage the plan.

Some say rules are meant to be broken and
broken it was,bits by pieces by the team until nothing was left.

The Interpersonal
relationships between Tokyo and Rio led to the very first misstep in the series, then of
course we had that between Professor and Inspector Raquel which led to an even
larger mishap and finally Moscow’s sacrifice for Tokyo.
Hostages were of course not without peculiar characters like Arturo Roman,Monica
Gaztambide(who later became Stockholm) and Allison Parker.

Arturo Roman was a character that was fated to die but stood against faith and led an
uprising which led to escape of some hostages. Monica on the other hand,recently
pregnant and lover to Arturo had a change in heart and fell for one of the heisters￾Denver under condition which was later termed Stockholm syndrome.

Allison Parker(little lamb) was just a handful teenager with escape plots and a rebellious attitude.
The head heister- Berlin was a character well portrayed by the actor. He played the
role of a leader who knew that downsides were sure to happen and held his stand on
sensitive issues.
Sacrifices were made all for one course, love interest grew, cowardice became courage
in the face of death.

The whole storyline was well thought and quite frankly had intense moments.
It is a must watch if you are a lover of action,suspense,love and crime.

Written by Damian Anastasia | Twitter: @anasmelda


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