Her beautiful face is the first a child sees the minute he’s birthed into the world.
Her broad smile envelopes me like the rays of the early morning sun.
Her soothing voice is calm like the cool weather of the evening atmosphere.

Her hips sway like the trees on a windy day.
From her full lips like the moon in the early summer, words flow, rushing towards me and slowly withdrawing like the waves of the deep blue sea.
Her eyes pierce through my heart, and she provides answers to the very questions my frail heart fears to ask.

Just like drawing a child close after scolding him with the left
On sunny days that I walk under the scorching sun, you provide shelter in form of trees for me to rest.
Your gentle and soft breeze to calm my raging nerves, like the coolness and warmth your heavy bosom provide.

Ancient and yet not too old, you make my life beautiful by pouring down flowers like snow.

You know my every move, you know how I feel.
Your hopes in me are as high as the mountains and hills.
You whisper to me when I’m lonely through the constellations in the sky.
You comfort me with the sands on the beach when my feet are too weary to stand.

Your children are 9 in number, all aligned together, no one can put asunder.
You take home a man, just immediately you bring to the world another.
You provide another home for my soul, I’ve never been there, what does it look like? I wonder.
You’re so caring, loving and warm like a mother.
You’re mother nature.
My Darling Mother Nature!

Written by Pearl Durotoye

Any usage of this poem without the rightful permission of Pearl Durotoye or DerivingJoyDigital will mean a lawsuit.

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