Most Anticipated Movies Of 2019

This year would be a great one for the movie industry when it comes to scheduled release of films around the world.

We expect millions of releases on exhibition houses, online platforms, and offline platforms.

Here are the most anticipated movies/TV series for the year 2019.


Captain Marvel

Star Wars: Episode IX

Spider-Man: Far from Home

Toy Story 4


The Lion King




John Wick 3

Dark Phoenix



Frozen 2

Secret Life of Pets 2”

Lego Movie 2

It 2


Men in Black

Game Of Thrones

We can’t wait for these films to hit the big screens.

Happy New Year. Happy 2019

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2 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Movies Of 2019

  1. Stacemelda

    year 2019 is going to be lit. For Disney studios I have mixed feelings. I get they are trying to reenact their classical,but being part of the generation that saw the old version,I really hope it doesn’t ruin it.

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