Miss Meze Chinazom MaryAnn, an indigene of Anambra East local government area Anambra state. She is 19 years old, born into a family of eight, the third child and also the first daughter of her parents. She is a 200 level Political Science student of Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe. About her reasons for contesting she said; “Firstly, I love anything called pageantry so much it has always been my dream all along seeing myself on stage where people are gathered, it makes me feel special. The reason am contesting is not only for the money or any prizes which will be given to me, the main reason is to tell the plus size ladies out there that they should not be ashamed of their body because we the plus size ladies were created unique.’’

As a Queen, she intends to do the following;
‘’Firstly, I will open a plus size modelling company. Secondly, I will create a talk show event whether on radio or television. Where they will talk about the plus size ladies 
Lastly but not the least, you know in our society today, they accept only the slim girls, but if am to be the queen I will try as possible as I can to make the society to accept us too because we are always unique.’’

Miss AZIKE NKECHI OMOYODE was born 8th February, 1990 in Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State. She attended All Saints Nursery / Primary School where she obtained her Primary School leaving Certificate in the year 2000. She then proceeded to Our Savior Secondary School Sapele where she did both her Junior and Secondary School and obtained her NECO Certificate in the year 2008.
In the year 2014, she graduated from Delta State University, Abraka with a degree in Education. After the completion of her University Education, she went for her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Owerri, Imo State in the year 2015.
After Youth Service, she stayed at home for a while then registered in a Fashion Design Academy for a year Program but during the course of her training, got a job as Education Officer under the Police Force Education in March 2019.
She loves Cooking, Travelling, Making New Friends and Reading.
On her Reasons for participating in the pageant she said;
‘’I joined this contest/ Pageant to have a sense of achievement and fulfillment. Likewise, the excitement I may experience and memories I will make here are beyond measure in worth for widening my social horizon and understanding of people. Another reason for joining this contest is to develop and boost my self –esteem. It is also a great privilege and honor to become one of the candidates for Miss Big Bold and Beautiful Nigeria.
On what she intends to achieve as Queen;
‘’I will serve as a spokes model for this organization. As a spokes model, I will make sure that more girls are competing next year than those who are competing this year. As a queen, I will carry the crown with utmost dignity as it is not only a pageant title but a great responsibility. I will make sure that I fulfill the motto of the pageant just as successfully as any mother tries to instill qualities in her child’’.

Miss Bisola Ameze Ajayi. She is Bisi to her friends, Kemi to her family, Paulette to her colleagues and Vibreone to lovers of her brand. A lawyer by training but a writer and chef by passion. She is from Edo State, a lover of art, dance and spices. She is the first of four children and as such a gang leader to her squad She is confident with a little spice of wild, God’s limited edition.
She believes that her mission on earth is to make an impact on her generation and this is one of the steps she’s taking in that direction. In her words; ‘’I joined this pageant to encourage plus sized girls out there that Yes, we are fat; Yes, we don’t have the body we want (or that society wants for us); Yes, we weigh over 100kg, but we are beautiful, we are strong, we have so much love to give, God loves us just the way we are, our thick skin means we are stronger warriors and can withstand any trial. I’d like to use this platform (as queen) to sound the alarms. No more body shaming ourselves; because a man’s greatest enemy is himself. You are a goddess!!! Start believing it Start acting like one!! I’d also use the opportunity to educate the society on the adverse effect of body shaming. Stop telling us we’re not good enough because we’re more than enough.’’

Miss Ogbu, Chinecherem Clara, from Ndiagu-Akpugo in Nkanu west local government area in Enugu state. The only child of Late Mr. Emmanuel and Mrs. Amaka Ogbu. Her hobbies include cooking, reading and listening to music. She’s a blend of introvert and extrovert. In her words,

‘’I am optimistic about life, which is why I am in this contest. I hope to win and take it to another level. Seeing the present Miss Bold and Beautiful Nigeria is enough motivation for me because I have always dreamt to be like her and take this pageant to a greater height.
As an intending queen, my aim is to project the values of the African woman to the nation at large. I also intend to maintain the good will of the incumbent Queen Callista Eneokwe and to make sure that all her efforts are not been jeopardized but to keep the fire burning.’’

Miss Judith ‘Bunor, the first of two children, from Ogwashi-uku, Aniocha South LGA of Delta state. Her hobbies are watching movies, reading, and experimenting with food. She loves to travel and explore the world and she have developed a great liking for Asia; in her words ‘’if I was to ever go on a world tour, I’d start with an Asian country first. My personal favorite mantra would be, “I’d rather you hurt me with the truth than please me with a lie”.
What motivated me into joining this contest is the ideals, aspirations and message of this great platform which is to tell Nigerians and the world that there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin and to break the norm that there’s nothing beautiful in being plus size. I want to also seize this opportunity to appreciate the fact that the organizers aim at giving lots of plus sized ladies out there the confidence and a channel to becoming great. MBBN really is revolutionary and the first of its kind and I am overjoyed to be associated with greatness.
 If I emerge as the Queen of this contest my very first assignment would be to further promote the aforementioned ideals and aspirations of the organization, and secondly to use the exalted position to sustain future participation and give back to society in my own little way. Thank you to the entire MBBN team and Nigerians as you help me actualize my dream.

Miss Maureen Ukwueze, an indigene of Umaga Ezimo Agu, Enugu State. Presently a student of the University of Nigeria Nsukka running a degree program in the department of Combine Biological Sciences. She resides at Abuja, Dutse Alhaji Zone 3.
At the age of eleven, she participated in a Goal Nigeria program strictly for girls which was sponsored by Youth Empowerment Foundation (YEF). At that stage in her life she discovered useful traits that has helped her so far in life, traits like; Good communication and learning skill, Emotional Intelligence, to be focused, to be a Time manager and the importance of teamwork. These traits and her hobbies (Reading, listening to music, meeting new people and traveling) are responsible for the lady she has become today. In her words;
‘’My motivation to be a part of this contest is due to the fact that I have seen woman over the years not being able to stand-up for themselves ‘ body shamed’ meanwhile I see my body as one of the most amazing things on this universe and the only place I can live and therefore, you can’t be someone or somewhere else so now is the time to make the very most of who you are.
 If I become the queen, I will set up a Charity Foundation called ‘The Bold’ with the objective to cater for children with special needs and less privileged and also to bring women together irrespective of age and social class, supporting each other and sharing ideas in business, health and improving family values’’.

Miss Okpara Favor O, a native of Afikpo North LGA Ebonyi State, Nigeria. A final year student of Library and information science, University of Nigeria. She loves cooking, helping people, listening to music, traveling and talking. She frowns at dishonesty, laziness and haphazardness. She hails from a family of 9, Four brothers, two sisters and her parents. In her Words;
‘’As a person who loves helping people, I know there are a lot of persons who need help ranging from plus sized ladies who are dying of inferiority complex to creating awareness, so people would stop seeing plus sized ladies as sex toys but normal human beings. I may not be able to reach many persons as an individual but being Miss Bold and Beautiful Nigeria would give me a platform and more opportunity to draw people’s attention to these areas and equally create a positive impact on the Nigerian community. Aside the plus sized lady’s issues, many people in the Nigerian community are living below poverty level and I cannot reach many of these people as an individual but if I’m given the opportunity as Miss Bold and Beautiful Nigeria, I would use it as a platform to solicit for help for these people and Ebonyi State would actually be a good place for me to start.

Miss Odinaka Chioma Sandra. I am from Ihiala Local Government Area in Anambra state, Nigeria. She is twenty years old and comes from a family of six children. She studies at the University of Nigeria Nsukka currently in the department of combined biological sciences (Zoology/Biochemistry), 200L. She loves cooking, singing, dancing, acting, playing badminton, making new friends, praying, marketing and crocheting. In her words; ‘’I am contesting for Miss Bold and Beautiful Nigeria 2019 because of my passion for human development. I saw contesting as an opportunity for me to build self-confidence and passion for my career. Believing that I will become very impactful and important to the society at large.
What I intend to achieve as the Queen is opening up an NGO for thick ladies, I will name it Thick Ladies Association (TLA), which will be headed by likeminded people like me. I also hope to be supported by Cherdah Republic. It involves picking up ladies who feel less of themselves, who look down on themselves, who feel they don’t belong anywhere. Bringing them to a point of them believing in themselves, making them know with trainings, teaching, coaching and conviction that they are not useless, rejected or unimportant to the society. Them knowing that they can be whoever or whatever they want to be. Do whatever they want to do in life irrespective of their size. Having full confidence to take charge of their world. Kicking out body shaming and appreciating the beauty of a plus sized African woman.’’

Miss Chukwudi Mmasinachi Favor. She hails from Nenwenta in Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu state. A 21years old multi-talented student, Beauty and Skin Care Consultant. In her words;
‘’I like doing things that will keep me relevant provided it adds positively to the lives of others. I love Baking and Cooking.  
I was motivated to contest for Miss Bold and Beautiful Nigeria 2019 Edition because I want to show people out there through Modelling, Fashion and Acting that I’m more than the color of my skin and I’m more than the way I look. I want to show people out there that self-love is important and I wish to preach body positivity. 
If I’m crowned Queen, I will cherish that and use it in any way possible to reach out to our “Bold” ladies out there. They need to know that they are not just BOLD but BEAUTIFUL as well. Through seminars and talk shows, I will let them know that their health is important and should be a Priority for them to stop and also shun the act of using drugs to reduce their body size; most of the drugs are harmful to the body and we have lost some Bold ladies to that. Finally, I will try in every way possible to kick out body shaming’’.

Miss Udegbe Ifeyinwa Oluchukwu Amanda is 23yrs old, from Anambra state, born in Jos, Plateau State in 1996 and has spent most of her life in Jos. The daughter of a Teacher and a business woman. She is a student of Federal Polytechnic Oko, currently working as a Realtor. She’s very much fond of dancing and singing and also loves swimming. She doesn’t believe in miracles just hard and smart work. She draws her strength and determination from her parents and daughter.
In her words, ‘’Growing up I was body shamed both on the road, at school, or wherever I found myself… which made me develop some inferiority complex and I kept to myself more but when I came across MISS BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL NIGERIA, I knew it was an opportunity for me to appreciate myself more. Emerging as the winner would be a great platform for me to make young ladies on the plus side know that we all are beautiful just the way we are and also educate the world, that being plus sized isn’t a crime and how some people became bold isn’t because of just food but other things as well which may include health issues.

If I’m crowned the winner of this beauty pageant, I will establish an NGO that will be a rehabilitation center for girls who indulge in prostitution, with the aim to taking them off the street and further empowering them with different skills acquisition programs so they don’t go back to their old ways. This will not be easy but through partnership with different skills programs, we shall help as many girls as possible. Thanks Cherdah republic for this great opportunity.’’

Miss Ujah Peace Onyowoicho from Benue state. Born on the 1st of July 1995, from a family of three. She hails from Ohinini Local Government Area, Benue State. She’s a graduate of home science and management from the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue state…  Am an extrovert. In her words;
“I hate lies, pretense and pride. I love good vibes and positive minds. Hobbies are singing, dancing and cooking. I was motivated to join this pageant after I watched everything that happened last year and how supportive the queen turned out to be with the help of Cherdah Republic. The platform alone motivated me a lot. The fact that there’s a plat form where the chubby folks can show their talents. 
What I intend to achieve: with the help of the organization, I will love to extend my helpful hand to the needy. I’ve always wanted to be an actress and if I succeed, I will use my talent to explore the industry. I have always wanted my name to be heard in terms of charity, so I will use this medium to sell myself out.” 

Miss Stephanie Lando Saidu. A graduate of B.sc Mass communication, An Actress, Plus Sized model and a Baker. She’s the first child in a family of three. She likes travelling, Adventure and being adventurous with food.

In her words “I don’t like pretenders. I am in this contest because this is home, it’s who I am. It’s a platform to show the world that being Big is not a DISEASE, Size is not a BARRIER. 

As the Queen I intend to motivate plus sized ladies to be proud of themselves, dare to do things and proudly go to places without being ashamed. Teach the little ones how to build their self-esteem from now.  Finally, let people know the dangers of Body Shaming.”

Miss Deborah Anderson, Born on February 1st, 1996. A 23-Year-Old, from Okrika, Rivers State Port Harcourt Nigeria. The Second daughter/ child of four Children in the Family of six. A Student & also an Entrepreneur. She Loves Singing, Twerking &Traveling. She hates Lies, hypocrisy & Odor. In her words:
“I’m Just a young lady who is proud of the woman I’m becoming in my own skin. Well, I’m motivated to be in the Plus-size community especially to be in the contest because I’m my own Biggest Fan! I accept my own body, size & shape. First off, Kick Body Shaming out the door! ever ready to wake up, explore & show the world how I do it Big! As someone who has worked effortlessly to prove myself in the plus-size community, I intend to achieve A better Me, better Dressed, better Made-Up, Focus into A modeling clothing Line strictly only for the plus-size community. And yes! This is What my career’s like! I’ll make a Great one, Thank you Cherdah”

Miss Somina David Jumbo, hails from Arugbanama Community in Bonny Local Government Area Rivers State. Born on 12th February, 1998 (21yrs) into the family of Mr and Mrs David Jumbo, she has two siblings, an elder Sister and a younger brother. She just concluded her four (4) years Undergraduate program at the Rivers State University, PH, where she studied Mass communication. Her hobbies are dancing, watching movies and reading. In her words;

 “It’s indeed an honor and privilege to be part of this years’ Miss Bold and Beautiful Nigeria, 2019 edition, I am very grateful. As a growing plus sized lady, I’ve always wanted to be part of something as wonderful as this that will show the world how beautiful I am, and that I could conquer irrespective of my size, so, when I saw the advert concerning MBBN on Instagram, I didn’t hesitate to be part of it, so I purchased my form and luckily, I was chosen, and I’m to represent Bayelsa state in the forthcoming MBBN Contest. 

I’m here in this contest to learn how to build and boost my self-confidence, meet new people, and see how I can help to encourage body positivity and discourage body disparity and shaming in plus sized women in Nigeria.  By God’s grace, if I’m crowned the Queen of MBBN,  I intend to achieve self-confidence and self-appreciation amongst Nigerian plus sized women,  firstly by introducing MBBN platform, and encouraging them to be part of it, where they’ll be free to showcase their beautiful selves without any form of criticism by the public,  and therefore see how I can serve as a positive example to them and convincing them that “Naija is Thick” and as plus sized women,  we are beautiful in our own ways,  irrespective of our body differences. Thanks once again for this wonderful Opportunity”

Miss You fine Okolie, 22-year-old Fashion student of Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. In her words; “I spend my time mostly checking out the best way I can be the best of myself, I Am in the contest to improve my personality, if I win then I would go further showcasing my personality to the world.

I Am motivated to contest because I want to showcase myself to the world. I Have always wanted to be a model so this is me working towards my dreams, I intend to see how I can impact in people who are also aspiring to become models and other less privileged ones who I can help.” 

Miss Sliver Alex, a 20 years old indigene of Edo state, studies Mass Communication at Auchi polytechnic, Edo State. She’s into entertainment, loves talking, cooking, smiling, dislikes bad energy and gossip. In her words;
“The average plus size lady feels inferior, due to body size consciousness. This in most cases has posed as a hindrance in unleashing her full potential. I have therefore, taken the bold step to chase my one sole purpose/goal. Hence, being the Queen of Miss Bold and Beautiful Nigeria 2019 would spur me to broaden my horizons and break new bounds. 

This would then help me be a role model to other plus sized ladies and set up my own modeling company in order push them to unravel the mystery behind the plus size and unleash the full vigor of their being. Winning this will also be an opportunity to grow through networking and in the long run, develop myself in requisite skills which would in turn contribute to the development of the world as a whole.”

Miss Ejekam Ifeoma Geraldine Aged 25, an indigene of Abia State and a finalist for MBBN 2019. In her words; “Reasons for contesting:(1) building self-confidence (2) opportunities to gain from the platform (3) lessons to learn from the platform (4) Bringing out the new me (5) the crown Motivation: – my family, friends, the opportunities and specially myself. Why? because I wanted to show the people around me that I can be a role model to the plus size youths/women through joining this kind of pageant. What I tend to achieve as a queen? (1) The crown (2) the new me I discovered (3) the new experiences (4) public speaking (5) increasing stage-presence. Thank you”

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