Downtown Lagoja, in Sharon’s apartment, empty wine bottles were scattered all over the place, and smoke filled the entire room. it rained all through the night, but Sharon woke up so bright, and felt really light inside as she rolled over Micheal Taylor to reach for her phone. Micheal Taylor got up due to her slight disturbance.
“You are up already?” He asked.
“So guess you preparing to leave for work.” he said, as he came down from the bed to put his clothes on.
“What were you able to find from the white bank’s buliion van?” Sharon asked.
“Papers.” Micheal said as he placed them beside her.
“Really?” She asked. “You mean there was no cash?”
“No cash, just a bunch of papers owned by AERO Contractors. I wonder why they had to send people to attack the bullion van, thinking it was carrying cash.”
Sharon who was now well dressed on her musehouse360degrees flair gown which she ordered online, motioned Micheal that she was ready to go.
They both walked to her garage.
“So how can the papers bring them down?” She asked.
We would simply send the documents to their rivals who in turn will make it a federal case and then the necessary will be done.” He answered.
“That won’t be enough. The general is very influential. He would be set free.”
“Then you need to dig deeper at AERO Contractors and find evidence on how he killed your father. They still don’t know who you really are.” Micheal responded.
“I am trying Micheal and thats why i hired you. keep causing a disruption while i get the evidence.” She paused, stared at her gown again, and looked at Micheal. “I want the same thing you want Micheal, REVENGE!”
Sharon then walked into her car and and sped off.
“I can as well put a bullet through his goddamn chest and end it all for once. But i don’t kill without a reason” he whispered to himself as he walked towards his car.

Faraway in the mid-lands, a phone rings.
“Hello, i have been expecting your call General Sani.”
“My boy, so sorry i haven’t reached out to you all these while. I have a mission for you Sanwo”
“Who am i taking off grid this time around?” Sanwo asked.
“Not one person. A Number of people who have been disturbing my business”
“I will be in town shortly. Pay will be double.”
“The pay has already been transferred to you.” General Sani replied, and hung up.
Sanwo then checks his phone after hearing the alert beep and smiles. He locked his room, stepped into his car and drove towards the airport.

“You sent for me.”
“Mr. Adigun. I am sorry it wasn’t properly done but the secrecy of this meeting needed to be achieved.”
“Ok since we are all about secrecy, i don’t think it is necessary to know your name.”
“Probably, well i am someone who wants the same thing as you do.”
“What is that if i may ask?” Adigun asked.
“I see.”
“Here are documents those you awarded the air terminal in Lagoja contracts will want to see.”
Mr. Adigun looks shocked as he looks through the papers.
“Make sure they get it and report the situation to the court. If the general isn’t punished for his crimes, i will punish him myself. Good night, Mr. Adigun.”
Mr. Adigun finally comes to terms with the weight of this particular duty that fell to his care. He finally had the opportunity to put the man who almost killed him and his family at his cocktail party behind bars for life.
“General – General, you are so going to prison”, Adigun smiled.

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