MICHEAL TAYLOR: New Year Bullion

“Hey! They are running out of cash, so the target is White bank’s bullion.”
“Ok. Will be on it, stay safe.” Micheal Taylor responded as he dropped his writing pen and left the room. He got calls like this regularly from his mole. Phone calls that were brief, informative, and straight to the point.

Some kilometres away from Micheal Taylor, Retired General Sani’s phone rang. He picked it slowly.
“Have you sent the directives to them?” he asked.
“So hit the cash, and exit. Leave no trails” he hunged up.
Standing before his window, he breathed in and out,then turned to the young curvy stark naked body on his bed, and dived into her.

Out in the cold, Micheal Taylor was sited patiently in his car following up on movements, two black jeeps came out of Lincoln Avenue and were following White bank’s bullion.
He joined, trailing behind them.
Taylor was a little bit confused, “Why was the bank moving cash at night on New Year’s day?” he asked himself.
Well, there was no time to start asking these questions. He kept following up.
The bullion van got to the popular T-junction at Ogun street which was now very lonely, it took a left turn, and slowed down a bit.
The road was blocked with a long school bus. There was no way the bullion could pass. He had to stop. The driver in the bullion switched off his engine, opened the door and came down.
The two black jeeps were approaching him. He didnt know he had been followed by them all along and he wasn’t in any way perturbed.
Taylor was watching as the events were unfolding, he wondered why the bullion had just the driver in it moving huge amount of money without security protocols.
He kept on watching. At this point he had switched off the inner light of his car and the head lamps. He loved darkness.
The jeeps came to a stop. Eight men came out, four of them stood guard, while the four other men wielding guns approached the driver of the van.
They motioned him to open up the van which he did obediently.
It was cash-less.
Taylor was shocked.
“I thought they needed money? Or was this a diversion?” he asked himself.
He stayed put, watching how things were unfolding. The men hurriedly went back to their cars and drove off.
Taylor hurried out of his own car and ran to the van.
“Where is it?” he asked the driver.
“Where is what?” the driver answered.
“What you are hiding. I know it is not money.” Taylor said, walking towards him.
“Hold on, which side of the divide are you on? who are you?” the driver questioned Taylor.
“Someone who wants to see an empire fall to the ground” as he punched him with a swift right hand jab.
The driver fell to the ground.
“Where is it?” Taylor asked again.
“Open the dashboard, the files you need to take them down are inside.”
Taylor opened the dashboard, saw a bunch of wrapped documents that had Aero Contractors stamps on them, and he left the van.
“You need an empire to stop an empire.” the driver said loudly.
“I have one already.” Taylor said, as he got into his car and drove into the darkness of the night.
He was happy for only one thing about tonight’s event, the driver didn’t know who he was.

This piece shouldn’t be re-used without the express permission of @chimefrancis1 and DerivingJoy TV, else you will face a lawsuit.

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