Meet Glowreesmiles: A Fast Rising Nigerian Creative Breaking New Bounds

My first Audition was at NTA studio, which a friend introduced me to.
I got paired with someone for the Audition,but unfortunately the person wasn’t good.
So it affected our result.

– Glory Johnson

ChimeFrancis: Hello dear, our readers are eager to know you. Tell us about yourself.

Glowreesmiles: My name is Glory Johnson aka Glowreesmiles.
I’m an Actor, Presenter,Model & a Creative cook.
I love Simplicity

ChimeFrancis: That’s so much personality in one. How do you manage to go about all of it?

Glowreesmiles: Everything I mentioned,are things I love to do.
So for me I don’t really see the stress in it.
Since I’m not forced to do it.

ChimeFrancis: Acting came first on your list, means that’s a part of you that takes the most priority. How did acting start for you?

Glowreesmiles: Ok.Talking about Acting,hmm..I don’t want to sound like all those who say, they started acting from their mother’s womb.
But for me, since my Primary 3,I have always known I will be an Actor.
Acting is something I can do any day & anytime.
Even in my sleep.
So I started going for Auditions

ChimeFrancis: How has the experience been as an Actor?

Glowreesmiles: Hmm, Pretty Challenging but interesting.

ChimeFrancis: How was your first audition like? Have you been able to break through since going for auditions?

Glowreesmiles: Ok. My first Audition was at NTA studio, which a friend introduced me to.
I got paired with someone for the Audition,but unfortunately the person wasn’t good.
So it affected our result.
In terms of Breakthrough, a little.
Last 2years I got featured in a Movie, which involved our Top Celebrity like:Tony Umez,Sam sunny & Madam Ebano.

ChimeFrancis: Would you say Acting can be tiresome or you believe it is something you can’t live without doing it?

Glowreesmiles: U mean for me? Sometimes it’s tiring, when you don’t get a call back after Audition & Traffic.
But at the same time Acting is something I cannot live without.

ChimeFrancis: You present too. Did you stumble upon it through auditioning too?

Glowreesmiles: Yh.I went for an Acting Audition,I got talking with the Producer & that was how I started Presenting.

ChimeFrancis: How has the process been? Combining it with you being a model.

Glowreesmiles: Trust me the Process has been very Interesting, Entertaining,& so inspiring. Modelling is beautiful.You get to pass a whole lot of message with Modelling.

ChimeFrancis: So what drives you as a person?

Glowreesmiles: The Believe that you can attain any height, through Hardwork & Smart work. Sincerity, Truthfulness & Simplicity.
But simplicity shouldn’t be taken for stupidity.

ChimeFrancis: Great! So now, cooking. Hmm.

Glowreesmiles: Smiles.yh
Hmmmm,I don’t like food but I eat.

ChimeFrancis: So our cook here, isn’t a Foodie.

Glowreesmiles: Hmmmm,a little bit of a Foodie.

ChimeFrancis: Means you like food.

Glowreesmiles: A little.
I love wellmade creative & delicious meals.

ChimeFrancis: So how did you fall in love with it?

Glowreesmiles: I love creative cooking.I love to see people happy.And good food makes people Happy & filled with Smiles.

ChimeFrancis: So tell us more about your cooking?

Glowreesmiles: I’m a Creative cook,I do all times of cooking but Native & English Meals.I also bake.
I cook for all Events,Big or small gatherings.

ChimeFrancis: So what’s next for you? Coming off the pandemic it must have been a period for you to rethink your brand. Your followers will like to know.

Glowreesmiles: What’s next.
Still the same Usual Unusuality that people know.
But something New & popping is coming up soon.
Oh did I mention, I also cook for Movie sets.

ChimeFrancis: Great! So what would you advice someone who wants to come into your niche?

Glowreesmiles: Okkk. I will say be focused, because a lot of distractions will come.
Make sure you do what you love & not what you are forced to do.
In the aspect of Entertainment, be focused, don’t place money first,in as much as money is important.
Let people see your worth,& Trust me you will go far.

ChimeFrancis: How can our readers reach you for your services.

Glowreesmiles: Ok. So my IG handle is @Glowreesmiles
Email is

ChimeFrancis: Thanks for spending time with us.

Glowreesmiles: Thanks for the opportunity.


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