By: Adigun Temitope Idealism and Odey Goodness Ogeyi

We opened our eyes
To the dawn’s crows
And the dusk’s howl.
We opened our eyes
And stared with tears
At Mama fears and all her dead.
What tears this be, she asks?
What stirred these fears, she asks?

we opened our dead eyes
to the future of our dead children.
our skins are lines of sorrow,
designed with tears
from our ancestors.
we’re made enemies of protagonists,
so they created our world with darkness
& painted our skin with sadness.

what else shall we give to this world,
if not bowl of tears
that watered our children’s graveyard?
what song shall we sing as reminder,
if not songs of goodbyes
that became sun to our night of hopelessness?
what story shall we tell a world without offsprings,
if not stories of a world without future –
a world without glory,
a world without vision?

This was Mama’s cry
How her offsprings said bye
To this world
Her world
Leaving a blurr
And tears…

© 2019 DATI x Goodness

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