LET ME – A Poem By H.U.M

Let me take care of your broken heart..
Let me pick up the pieces..
And mend it with love anew..
Let me hold you gently by the hand..
And kiss your tears goodbye..

Let me sing you all the songs I wrote..
Songs that tell of my love for you..
Let me hum gently in your ears..
’til you sleep in my embrace..
Let me keep you safe and warm..
Cradle and cuddle you close..
’til the sunlight strokes your face..

Let me kiss you..
Showing you what love really is..
Let me show you the happiness it brings..
The joy that would envelop us..
And the peace that would make all worries still..
Let me do all these to let you see..
How intertwined are our fates..

So fly with me, my love..
It’s time we leave the past behind..
I’m yours and you’re mine..
Our love sweet as wine..
‘Cause we’re finally home at last..

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