KING CHARLIE – His Music, His LifeStyle, & His Art

DerivingJoy: Good day, my readers can’t wait to get to know you. Can you share details about who you are?

King Charlie: My name is Nwokoye Charles aka King Charlie, I’m from anambra state, awka south precisely, a musician and songwriter as well as many other things.


DerivingJoy: We are very much interested in your music. How did it all start for you?

King Charlie: Well, I’ve always had this affinity for music since I was a kid but it got real serious in my jss3… That should be around 2008 .. I started writing my own songs… It was strictly blues then but as time went by, I became very versatile. The only kind of music I can’t do is jazz cos I haven’t really tried it.

DerivingJoy: Nice, after discovering your versatility. What were the next steps you took?

King Charlie: I decided to lay low a bit and perfect my skills cos the music industry is extremely competitive and I don’t want to get sucker punched before I even find my feet… I Stuck to writing and freestyles… Dropped a few singles then (2014-2015) I was called trigga then cos of my ability to fast rap. But had to change the name for security reason ooo ( laughs ). But I think I’m ready now to go pro

DerivingJoy: So the real journey just started. I think our readers will love to know how you intend to start the journey? A debut single?

King Charlie: Definitely… It was actually a hard choice selecting the songs to produce first cos I have over a hundred songs written, but I decided to warm my loving and amazing supporters up with BoDI featuring shaggyblaq which was more of a freestyle though… Don’t worry, I assure you guys that I’ll be dropping jams steady and all of them will be a hit back to back

DerivingJoy: Has there been any set backs?

King Charlie: Yes… There has… From having the right team to sponsors etc… But I’m working with a new Manager right now and I’m 100% confident that we’ll overcome whatever setback we encounter out there

DerivingJoy: What would be your advice to those who intend on taking the path you took?

King Charlie: One thing for sure is that the path ain’t easy… You’ll get discouraged, fake deals, pessimistic people etc… Just keep your eyes on the prize and in no time, you’ll achieve the goal

DerivingJoy: Our readers will like to know about your educational and sociocultural background and how it affects your style of music?

King Charlie: Well, I’m currently an undergraduate and it’s not really easy… At some point, you’ll have to pick one over the other and that could get nasty… my socialcultural background doesn’t really affect me at all… I’m more like a rebel… I play by my own rules

DerivingJoy: So when should our readers expect BODI?

King Charlie: Ahhh… Ladies and gentlemen, BoDI featuring shaggyblaq would be dropping on the 10th of June… Don’t miss it for anything

DerivingJoy: How can you be reached on social media?

King Charlie: It’s @realkingcharlie on all platforms

DerivingJoy: Any future works planned out?

King Charlie: Yea… I’m working on a project.. 7 songs which features a list of amazing artistes… We’ll give you guys more details soon

DerivingJoy: OK thank you for spending your time with us. Last words

King Charlie: Well, no last words cos y’all will be hearing from me a lot more from now on… Remember, music heals

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