it’s the last day in July 2020, and tomorrow we would be waking up to the second commercially released ALBUM by the fast rising Song writer, Beat maker, Music engineer, and Soothing Vocalist – KEMENA.

I understand why a lot of us have been silent about this GEM especially in a period like this one.

There is always this one minute of silence before a C4 BOMB goes off – this is the KEMENA effect working on you.

On the 1st of August, we would be introduced to Kemena BOND.


Like one James Bond, we are all familiar with.

Well, the title of this Album is ‘BOND’ bouncing of from the successful releases he has had this year in Aabena were he featured the talented KWIN, DOWN and also ROXANNE.

Note well, his first Album was a huge success.

Every member of the KEMENA ARMY will tell you that.

Now these same community of his are all eager to hear what KEMENA has to say through the BOND Album.

In Kemena’s BOND Album, we are going to be vibing to 13 huge songs all written by him.

12 out of those 13 songs were produced, mixed, and mastered by KEMENA himself.
Track 9 was produced by The Music Nerd – another great talent.

KEMENA once again shows us why we can compare him with HOLLYWOOD’S James Bond when it comes to riding solo because there is not even a single featured Artist on the Album.

This is us enjoying KEMENA in flesh and blood – which is Danjelous ( Like the indaboski will say).

No wonder the colours RED and BLACK were picked to design the Album ART Cover.

There is Fire and Darkness looming I must say.
As you are impatient just like I am.
We can only wait to see the Magic that has being by the fingers and voice of the MUSIC MAKER.

Tell someone to tell someoone that BOND drops on the 1st Of August, 2020.

We the members of the KEMENA ARMY want you to know that Our BOND is stronger after this BOND ALBUM.


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