JUST US – A Poem

By: Adigun Temitope Idealism, Ezeja Ijeoma Blessing & Onwuamaeze Ikechukwu John

Out of the strange forest
We create a place for our rest
The twilight beautifies our ambient
And the long light and lamps makes it glow.

This peaceful feeling
that envelops us gives solace
We’re comfortable with the long pines
The dried leaves on the ground
With our flowery duvet on it
As we lay down confidently.

The feelings got real,
Our hearts spoke in one voice,
Serenity we longed to feel
And deep into the green woods came our choice.

It was our Eden,
The perfect place to unleash those charms
That for years has been hidden
Away for those sweet mouthed scams.

Chirping birds and caressing winds.
Rainbow flowers and Canopy trees.
All watch as we fly in our pair of wings
Drowning ourselves into nature’s pleasurable breeze.

Indeed! An indelible moment,
Having both peace and love secured.
Avoiding all human torment.
With just us, our dreams are apparently ensured.

in this wilderness of my heart,
we shall create a home
& plant trees that would beautify our world.
we’ll enrol ourselves to the future,
create a memory & close its backstage.
we’ll paint our world with colours of heaven,
journey together with a unified light.

your words would be my solace
& my alertness.
be my adventurous actress,
and let’s make this love into scenes –
I would be your aegis
& you the Atlas to my heart’s apparatus.

let’s make a new home out of no home.
where our foam would be like chrome –
that houses our hearts at the moment of gloam.
let me roam through your loam,
& translate your scripture like a Jerome.
let’s build this love like Rome,
big enough to have uncountable pages like tome.

© DATI, IJ & POJO 2019

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