Jennykoko – Investment Banker, Make Up Artiste, and Sports Broadcast Journalist Shares Her Story With Deriving Joy

DerivingJoy: Good day, our readers would love to know you.

JennyKoko: My name Jennifer Chiamaka Orji. I studied Mass communication from the prestigious ☺ University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Majored in Broadcast Journalism. I am a singer, writer, an investment banker Professional Makeup Artist, Sports Journalist, i also have a thing for photography. You can call me a jack of all trades master of all and not none oooo😂.

DerivingJoy: Wow. You have a very large portfolio, well can we break them down by you picking two out of all your trades?

JennyKoko: Alright. Makeup Artistry and Sports Journalism

DerivingJoy: So Make Artistry, how did it all start for you? And how has the journey been?

JennyKoko: Make up Artistry has been a passion for me a long time. Can’t really remember the year I started off as a make up artist but professionally its been two years and counting
JennyKoko: Journey has been a good one, God has been faithful

DerivingJoy: What would be your tip to people who see make up artistry as a lucrative business and would love to go into it?

JennyKoko: Yes makeup artistry is lucrative but people shouldn’t just go into it because of what they stand to gain. The right makeup artist who knows her worth and offers quality service to clients will earn well. Prices should be affordable and also not so cheap so as not to portray your brand as inferior
In essence, do you, be affordable and maintain good customer service relationship with clients.

DerivingJoy: On a final note for make up artistry, do you think we have enough make up artists already?

JennyKoko: Just like the sky is wide for all birds to survive so is the makeup artistry world big enough for all to strive and still make a good living
Uniqueness is what distinguishes one Pro MUA from the other.
I mean there are a million tailors, hair dressers, dancers, singers, etc

DerivingJoy: So how can our readers reach you as ‘Jenny The Make Up Artist’

JennyKoko: Am on social media FB-Jennifer Orji
IG- @j3nnykoko1
You can also reach me via 08160933320

DerivingJoy: Now Jenny as a Broadcast Journalist With an Eye for sport, how did it begin?

JennyKoko: I have always been an ardent football follower. Football for me isn’t just about watching a game, its a passion. And if I don’t watch or write about it I feel something is missing.

DerivingJoy: Was that all the spark you need to go into Sport Journalism?

JennyKoko: Not at all. I started following football closely the year Manchester United defeated Chelsea Fc in the finals of the UEFA Champions league in 2008.
It was the first English finals in UCL and ManUtd clinched the throphy.
I became an ardent fan for ManUtd right their and then.The rest they say is history
I took keen interest once more by starting to write about football, opening a page Jennykokomedia for Sports on IG, Twitter and whatsapp. Its been a smooth sail though not easy combining my 8-5 job

DerivingJoy: Wow, I am so happy I started following football 4 years before you did – at least I have one above you. Well that was the night I removed emotions from football after seeing Terry slip like a baby. And 11 years from that day we have another all English final. If I may ask who are you rooting for and why to win?

JennyKoko: Lol,
We are all football fans and its what unites the world you know despite who started following first. I am rooting for Liverpool. They have had such a fantastic season. Not an easy run for them. I mean we all saw what happened in EPl. They had an awesome title race together with Manchester City. Who would have believed both teams would cross the 90 points with one loosing out on the trophy. So since they missed out on the EPL, in a way to compensate them, the UCL title will do the magic. The Reds are hard workers. And if they maintain same energy as they did in previous matches, they just might be clinching their 7th European title.

DerivingJoy: Writing for football, how different is it from every other art that involves writing?

JennyKoko: Writing for football is fun, its not so different from any other form of writing. It only involves, statistics, facts and accuracy. You have to know what you are writing. You just can’t come and tell a lie or fabricate a story about a player or a club without doing your due diligence which is finding out if truly such event happened. In football, truth and facts sells. People go for accurate and detailed accounts of their favourite players. You don’t want to be caught writing like a sensational magazine looking for cheap popularity. Your audience will lose their trust in you. So writing for football must be true, accurate, and well detailed.

DerivingJoy: So how can our readers follow your sports commentary and coverage?

JennyKoko: Yes of course. I am live on social media on Twitter and IG @jennykokomedia. I have a Whatsapp page as well.

Audience can click on the link and join for everything football. We have our website in view, will be out very soon. Working on something big and probably taking sports commentary to the street and using YouTube on weekends to celebrate football fans. As they rep their favourite clubs

DerivingJoy: Okay thank very much for joining us in today’s interview segments, we are really privileged to have you? Any last words for your followers reading this?

JennyKoko: Thank You very much welcome
Last words, Be you, never change for anything or anyone. The world will adjust don’t worry ☺. Never forget your maker, always put him first and you will be glad. Thank you so much for having me Chime🙏🏽

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