It is a man’s world indeed and women play a part to this

She came into our compound with her face swollen.
My mother was shocked.
”What happened? You fall?” She asked.
”Na him do me this thing.”

He was at it again. The beast was at it again. The man who kept violating his wife. The woman he claimed to live with for better, for worse.
A Muslim man who married a Christian woman.
He took care of his kids anyway. He gave them 300 naira each day as food money.
He looked really gentle when you saw him. He was a man in his late forties. He looked like he couldn’t hurt a fly, yet this woman – his wife was his punching bag.
He beat her at the slightest opportunity, he never liked those who visited her, but he always greeted them pleasantly in public.

The effects of his recent violation was too deep this time around. She was partially blind, her eye balls were half way covered with swollen flesh. She could barely speak, her mouth was heavy.

”Mama Franklin, I wan pack out from that house, I don tire, I go leave those children for am.” she said to my Mother, as tears were almost rolling down her eyes.

”This beast shouldn’t go unpunished.” I said to myself.

But wait! What are the punishment for domestic violence? Are they strong or worthy enough to neutralize the victim’s pain? Or is leaving the house the best solution to the problem?

I really don’t know.

Later that day the landlord got the beast arrested and he was taken to the station.

People who handled cases such as these were there.

It became a serious issue now because the woman heading the team of personnel’s there was already filing papers to get him moved to a proper detention.

But , guess what?

The victim started begging, ”Please oh, don’t take him to prison, Na my husband.”

Her husband people were begging her (the victim), ”E Jo ma, forgive him, it won’t happen again.”

But where were they all these years she has being swallowing the torturing?
I believe they never accepted the truth that something like that was happening.

The Head of those handling the situation heard her plea and she released him.


You released the beast to go and keep up with his evil act?

You listened to the cries of the victim pleading on his behalf?
The same person who would have led her to her grave?

You accepted the false apology from her husband people to save their heads and his?

You didn’t do your job by punishing him for his consistent criminal offenses?
Yes! Domestic violence is a criminal offense.
You have no right to hit a woman.

You let him go, dear woman because they pleaded.

I felt heartbroken because I saw it coming.

I hope he remembers the papers he signed before he tries hitting this woman or any other woman again.

These issues on domestic violence sometimes needs to be deprived of emotional sentiments, so that the rule of law can be carried out effectively.

Written by @chimefrancis1

This year we have decided to continue to move the motion for the boy child on negligence and also kick off the campaign for women and them loving themselves more with ”Women And Natural Beauty”

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