INTERVIEW WITH H.U.M | Writer, Sport woman, and Feminist

Henry, Uchenna Marvel

DERIVINGJOYdigital: Good day, Our readers would like to know you?

Henry Uchaay: My name is Henry, Uchenna Marvel (H.U.M). I’m a writer (maybe, cause my writer’s block is on a whole new level lol), a sports woman, soon to be Engineer and a Feminist (I believe in Equality and women empowerment).

DERIVINGJOYdigital: So much to dissect in this short time we have with you but not withstanding the show must Go on. How do you manage all of these together?

Henry Uchaay: I don’t even know.. It just works

DERIVINGJOYdigital: How did writing start for you? When did you know you could write?

Henry Uchaay: That was way back in secondary school. JSS2 to be precise. I’d get a 20leaves exercise book and write short plays. Naming characters after my classmates lol.. I still remember one I titled “The good girl at home.. Bad girl in School”. Such a long title for a short story.

Also I read a lot of novels. Harlequin romance was my favorite. I only read silhouette cause of Diane (She’s an author.. Can’t remember her full name now) and told myself I’d write better than them.

DERIVINGJOYdigital: Let’s call it the spark. How have you been able to horne your spark since then as a writer?

Henry Uchaay: I have a friend. Her name is MaryAnne and she was the one that helped me bring out what I never thought I had. I’d say she was the “Oil that lubricated my writing Engine”.

DERIVINGJOYdigital: What written works of yours will you say you are proud of?

Henry Uchaay: ABUSED (please make sure to leave it in capital letters lol), “What a boyfriend is not” (I wrote this one for the maiden edition of MetroVibez magazine), Stranger (yet to be out) and Heartbreak..
Oh I forgot to add OVER RATED

DERIVINGJOYdigital: Wow so many works credited to you. How did you fall in love with sports and have you written any sport related work?

Henry Uchaay: Now that you’ve mentioned it I have one I’m working on.. First Sport article I’d be writing and it would be out by October ending.

I was born a lover of sports. It didn’t just come.. I was born with it same way I was born with the talent to fix things.

DERIVINGJOYdigital: Guess the talent of fixing things made you opt for Engineering or you knew Engineering was what you wanted?

Henry Uchaay: Yeah it was part of the reasons I opted for Engineering. In fact it was expected. Aeronautical Engineering was the plan but you can’t seem to study that successful in this country so I opted for Electrical Engineering which was switched to Electronics Engineering cause of a simple mistake by the guy who filled my jamb form.

DERIVINGJOYdigital: Should I say thank God you the mistake happened on your behalf? (Pun intended)

Henry Uchaay: Maybe cause I came to love Electronic Engineering even with all the wahala that comes with the department lol.

DERIVINGJOYdigital: I loved the way you came out openly to say you are a feminist, many won’t be brave enough to speak out their truth openly on platforms like this. How has your writing helped to push the Feminism cause?

Henry Uchaay: Well writings has never really helped push the cause for equality. Many people make mockery of it.
The Bible says “let your light so shine”
I feel I’m pushing the cause with the way I live my life. I don’t just say it.. I act it.

DERIVINGJOYdigital: Do you think people really understand what feminism truly is in our country today?

Henry Uchaay: No they don’t and I don’t think they’d ever do so because we live in a patriarchal society. And we’ve got so many misogynistic people living in our society
Except if we start by educating our little ones.

DERIVINGJOYdigital: So where can people find your works and how can you be contacted for writing duties?

Henry Uchaay: DerivingJoy website would be a good place to check for some.. They can also check @lionzworch for some and my abandoned blog

DERIVINGJOYdigital: And why is the blog abandoned?

Henry Uchaay: I couldn’t keep up with it. School, Business, work then now add blogging to that equation.. Nah it didn’t work out. I admire people like Victoria Nelson who can actually manage the stress of UNN and still manage a blog at the same thing.. The girl di very strong and I’m recommending her.. She’s good at what she does.

Henry Uchaay: Writing duties: 08185765044. Whatsapp only

DERIVINGJOYdigital: Alright. So any words of encouragement for those trying to get into the writing sphere like me?

Henry Uchaay: I should be collecting advice from you oh not the other way round.
Well just be dedicated and do it for fun.. Art is fun too.

Henry Uchaay: Please don’t add that last part.

DERIVINGJOYdigital: Okay advice the young ones out there who are just seeing themselves as writers.
Henry Uchaay: Love the art.. Immerse yourself in it and let it submerge you.. You’d be surprised at the magic you’d create.. After that perspire to acquire then inquire to acquire never to retire.

DERIVINGJOYdigital: Well I will, thanks for the privilege.


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