I Am Trying To Give People More Of Kaseklozd | An Interview With kaseklozd On His Ruby Valentino EP

Today we met up with one of the finest underground music artiste out there.

Here on this interview with @chimefrancis1, he poured out his heart on his music journey and his upcoming projects.


CHIMEFRANCIS: Good day, Our ever teeming readers would love to know you. Who is KaseKlozd?

KASEKLOZD: well Kaseklozd is Kaseklozd. Just kidding lol
My name is Reuben Empere, I hail from Bayelsa , Nigeria.
I was born and raised in the city of lagos. I’m a recording artiste currently signed under the Drecos entertainment music label.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Great! So how did ‘MUSIC’ start for you?

KASEKLOZD: na since dem born me oh. I grew up with music lovers so music has always been there. I recorded my first song in 2017 though, baby girl ft Shaggyblaq.

CHIMEFRANCIS: How was the experience when you got to record your first song?

KASEKLOZD: ah ! it was such an experience . I was doing what i had always only imagined.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Where you nervous, over excited, or scared?

KASEKLOZD: I was overexcited. I just went with the mindset, ‘KK, you do this all the time’. In your bedroom that is lol.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So after the release of your first song with Shaggyblaq? Guess you must have felt light. How did you meet Shaggyblaq and decided to do your first song with him?

KASEKLOZD: I sure did. I had a lot of support from friends. I and Shaggyblaq went to the same high school and then found ourselves at UNN again. We used to always freestyle and then one night, we’re freestyling not knowing that a friend was watching us and he said the vibe was insane and that we had to record it. So the next day, we put the money together and visited the studio and the outcome was ‘baby girl’

CHIMEFRANCIS: Ceaser was the person who produced the song Baby girl, why CEASER?

KASEKLOZD: Caesar is one hell of a producer, he was the one everybody was talking about so it had to be him.

CHIMEFRANCIS: After baby girl, you dropped a couple of songs. I will like you to tell our readers about them.

KASEKLOZD: I dropped ‘you dunno’ , it is a hip hop song and it talks about hustle.
Then, ‘fumigate’, more of reggae, which talks about this girl wey no wan dey gimme kponono again lol.

Fumigate will be on my upcoming EP as well, and most recently, BMB, a collaboration with Shaggyblaq, off our upcoming joint Overdose EP.

I’ve also been featured on a couple of tracks.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Great! Your EP? Let’s talk about your EP? Why an EP at this stage of your music career?

KASEKLOZD: hmm, i feel like it’s the right thing for me to do. i’m just trying to give people more of Kaseklozd. more vibes, you know.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So on your upcoming EP, what’s the EP title and why title your EP the name you gave it?

KASEKLOZD: it’s titled Ruby Valentino. Ruby from my name and then Valentino (Italian) which symbolizes love. So it’s basically a love story, an intriguing one. Ruby’s love story.

CHIMEFRANCIS: In the Ep, how many songs are people expecting? Are there any features?

KASEKLOZD: Aside from the super awesome producers on it, BoyD, Kukbeats, Bandookeyz, Jakay Jason and Sxcksound. it is a solo project consisting of 6 gbedu (songs).

Tracklist Of Upcoming RUBY VALENTINO ❤ EP

CHIMEFRANCIS: Why did you choose to make it a solo project? Everyone features these days?

KASEKLOZD: I am trying to give people more of Kaseklozd. There are a lot of people i want to work with. i still will anyway.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So when should people expect to pre-order your EP?

KASEKLOZD: it will be out for preorder before this week runs out.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Okay. So any last words you did like to share?

KASEKLOZD: it’s your boy Kaseklozd repping Drecos. if you’re out there and you’re feeling my sound, i love you , Jah bless, but if not, you should definitely check em out and remember, positivity is key, so always keep it 100.

CHIMEFRANCIS: How can your fans reach you and your music?

KASEKLOZD: My music is everywhere !! all you need do is google ‘Kaseklozd’. You can also reach across all major social media platforms @kaseklozd.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Thank you very much for spending your time with us.

KASEKLOZD: Thank you as well, i had a good time chatting with you.

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