The creative industry is undergoing a major paradigmn shift.
Many people are becoming to see entertainment as a way out of the usual, but they have failed to understand that entertainment on its own is a major player, which should be met with seriousness, and with the right skills and tools of succeeding in it.
Our weird lifestyles is hampering alot in this century when it comes to growth.
In a creative world where many creatives are seeking out for unique and original contents, we must learn to live our truth.
Creative minds need to learn how to be themselves and not be another copy of something.
we must watch the things we do.
we must watch the things we say.
we must watch the way we treat people notwithstanding their status quo.
Most acts today live in pretence and fakery.
They want to sound like a popular star in their music or films.
They won’t bring out money for promotion of their art but they want to do giveaway in thousands which they never fulfill.
They want to live above their means in the name of packaging.
But, I am here to say this to you dear reader.
These lifestyles shouldn’t put you in any form of pressure.
if you seek value, the people who will offer you true value are those who want a unique story and originality.

Your lifestyle should be one to emulate. your lifestyle should be inspiring. People will love you for being you and no one else.

To grow in the arts you must note these few things;
A healthy mind & body.
A good persona.
A business & development mindset.

As a creative you should take seriously the health of your body and mental strength. Like the popular saying goes ‘health is wealth’, you need to eat well, rest well, and think positive at all times. Take care of your body and avoid drugs. Don’t do drugs to the point you start looking forty in your twenties.

A good personality is of the essence. You must learn how to be courteous, kind, and loveable. You must train yourself to be likeable. You must know how to interact with people. You must know how to approach people and go about situations. You must thrive to be a good person and not pose in pretence and fakery.

These is the most important. Your lifestyle should breath business and self development. What you do and people you follow should breath business and development. You must understand your art fully. You must be motivated at all times and seek to improve yourself.

I am ChimeFrancis, a writer, filmmaker, and a StandUp Comedian. I am creative lead @derivingjoydigi, @derivingjoymusic, and brand representative to @wesellbooksng.
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