Everyone is patiently waiting for the day the hustle starts paying finally. We all dream to, one day, be big, and fill up stadiums with a crowd singing along to our songs.

Signing endorsement deals with big multinational companies and influencing our generation as we give them a name tag adding ‘Nation’ to it. We all savour greatness.

Well, how long are you going to wait? How long are you going to wish for greatness? As our age keeps creeping against us and family and peer pressure keeps fighting our hope and aspirations. How long can we continue to wait?

Today, I am here to share with you a new gospel that says you can earn while you wait to have your break through. This is the mentality you must carry from today henceforth. 

Music business is expensive. Get a source of income first then pursue the following steps I am going to share with you.


  Youtube is one of the best way you can monetize your music. if only you are ready to do the work. Youtube is a platform for videos but there is a large fan base of music lovers always online seeking to feed their urge with new musical contents. Why not tap into that space? Do videos, professional videos, make shift videos, and seeking followers. Study how Youtube works to get a hang of it. Share your music making process. Share your music journey. Show the world your story while getting paid. It will take a while but it would be worth it.


If you research a lot, you should be familiar with the word ‘Streaming Platform’. Get your music on streaming platforms so people can buy your work. When you teach your little fan base that buying and streaming your work online is a way of them showing real supports to your craft only then can you earn from your craft. Research and get the best deals for music monetization through online streaming platform.


Despite the fact that the film and TV industry Nigeria hasn’t hit its peak yet, you can still tap into that space especially if you have a natural voice and good songwriting ability. Make pitches to producers and directors that you can score songs for their films and get paid for your work. This way your music pays you and can also help you breakout.


Most Clubs, especially open mic clubs do karaoke competitions from time to time. If you have a great voice, visit these clubs and perform. You can also seek out competitions and try out your chances. These kind of platforms helps build you and also expose you to more fan bases.

 In as much as you need platforms to put you out there , I think it you should always ask for a token from an event organiser. No matter how small. You should build your craft around that. You must always try to cut out a bargain for your work. If I am going to come perform at your event, what do I benefit aside the exposure? Ask questions like this.

You should have the mindset of earning even as you sojourn to greatness.

The better income flow for you the better beats and production you can pay for and the better promotional strength you can seek for.

You craft should pay you. You deserve to do exploits.

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